Turn your home into Smart Home with Apple. Create a “Time of Day Automation” in Shortcuts and select the “Sunset” option. Can several lights be on a time delay shortcut at once? Set your lights to turn on automatically over a period of time so you aren’t left in darkness when the sun goes down for the night. Also curious if this will bog down the hub. Just to let you know, the dedicated motion sensor works a treat. 8. Just by opening your doors, your home can spring to life by turning on the lights, setting the perfect temperature, and firing up your favorite tunes. Occupancy sensors are hard to come by so why not use a Motion Sensor as a makeshift occupancy sensor to trigger your lights to come on and off when someone is in the room. Exit shortcut with Result Exit shortcut with Result To take this a step further, use Siri Shortcuts or a third-party app to add additional conditions: 4. Repeat this until the lights reach the brightness you choose. The shortcut requires the device it was created on to be powered on and connected to the network. I just ran into a problem that does not make any sense. Aqara sensor can detect motion only once a minute. Create a new Shortcut that activates the scene to lock down your house. Copyright © 2021 Homekit News and Reviews. Let me know if it didn’t work. Thank you for your reply! The shortcut starts with an If statement, where the lamp we turned on in the first automation now is the Input, and Is On is the condition. At this point we add the Control Home action to turn off the lights, and the last End If follows that.Â. Hi Richard. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Curious why you wait 3 seconds and repeat 30 times instead of waiting 30 seconds and repeating 3 times (or some other combination)? Choose 30 times. I’ve set it to turn itself off after 2 minutes. 2) By checking more often, the shortcut is actually running less time, since it will quit as soon it has seen motion. Maybe I added it to the wrong place? Tap Add ( ) and select A Sensor Detects Something. Thank you, I think that works! Finally, HomeKit provides automation by allowing you to create relationships between multiple smart devices even if they aren’t the same brand or type. To walk through this, let’s look at the mudroom example again. Repeat 30 times, and wait 3 seconds. Turn on 6 Stair Lights, 3) Now all you’ll need to do is tell Siri to turn the virtual switch on and you can pass through the room and worry about the lights turning themselves off. If you want to go much more advanced, there are of course other solutions. And, in HomeKit, there isn’t any support for sensitivity, so pets might trigger the motion unintentionally. What combination of repeats and waits can work in my case and do i need to set “turn off after…” in first automation ( when sensor detects movement). If you’re using a Hue Motion Sensor, you should scroll down to Advanced and select Convert To Shortcut. The automation is set in Homekit, since the TrÃ¥dfri lights aren’t connected to hue. Hi there, Tap the plus (+) button in the top-right corner. End Repeat The default suggestion is to turn the router, bridges, gateways and HomeKit hub off, then turn them on again… first the router, then bridges and gateways, and finally the HomeKit hub. Leviton’s Decora Smart™ accessories with HomeKit™ technology are designed to streamline home control using HomeKit-enabled accessories. So, what can we use it for? I am not sure that “If Main Light Is on” is correct here as I don’t understand what your Ikea “TRADFRE Driver” is and what the equivalent I would use in my situation, as I use Lutron caseta switches to control the lights. We’ll start by adding an If statement. Add a condition that the automation will only run when the lights are off. Exit shortcut with Result Using a third-party app, create an automation that is triggered when the temperature becomes greater than 30.0°C (for example). Create a new Automation for when “A Sensor Detects Something”. The only problem, i cannot get it to work. HomeKit motion sensors can turn on the lights when you enter a room, and they can keep you aware of all of the action with notifications. For what would probably work for your three motion sensors, I tried writing some quick pseudo code. An inexpensive HomeKit motion sensor, Onvis is a decent device for sticking in a room to trigger lights or other HomeKit automations, and it also has a temperature and humidity sensor built in. And yes, the shortcuts should run independently, so several can run at once. Thanks to abode’s compatibility with HomeKit, all of your home security alerts can be viewed in a single snapshot. Do you have any settings for the Hue Motion Sensor in the Hue app, or is it only connected to the bridge so that it can be seen in HomeKit? Automationsperform specific actions triggered by a specified device or sensor if the set conditions are met. Within this If Statement, add an “Exit shortcut” action and leave it as default. If Stairs Sensor Motion Is Detected Turn on 6 Stair Lights, Then create another 3 Home Automation: A Sensor Stops Detecting Motion, 1) I’m scripting this to delay turning off the patio lights after motion is no longer detected but if i have someone out back while watching appletv will i start observing lag or unresponsiveness? Automations can be created with HomeKit devices like motion sensors, air quality sensors, contact sensors, smoke/co detectors, and more. I guess it’s not practical to have the security camera’s motion sensor controlling a light in the same room. Optionally, if you want an audible alert as well set a HomePod to play an Alarm Sound Effect from Apple Music. Exit shortcut with Result The aim of these automations is to reduce the need to reach for your phone or activate Siri. Choose the “Control Home” action and reset the lights to 0%. Otherwise, the lights will reset whenever the door opens. I’m pretty sure it would work with 10-12 minutes. To get notifications for your HomeKit accessories when you're not at home, set up a HomePod, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, or iPad as a home hub. If Entrance Sensor Motion Is Detected Repeat 30 times I have had a smart home for so long and so keen convert. I haven’t actually tested what the exact limit is. Finally, trigger the shortcut by activating Siri and giving her the name of the shortcut. When using it with HomeKit, it should not be configured in the Hue app, but only added to the Hue app. I’m using 100% brightness. The motion sensor triggers the light fine, and after no motion is detected the light switches off. In the example below, I’m actually using the light sensor to check if there is sufficient natural light in the room, before turning on the lights. When you’re passing through a room you might want a bit of light to guide you. Would you like to contribute to our website? Thanks for replying again. HomeKit Automations – Occupancy Light Sensor – Homekit News and Reviews With the lack of HomeKit occupancy sensors, I found an automation that would use a motion sensor to act in the same way. We need to create two automations: one to turn the lights on, and another to turn them off. Aqara motion sensor triggers room light using simple homekit automation. If so, we’ll Exit shortcut with Result. – Distance to sensor and the lights is approx 5-6m. If Garage Sensor Motion Is Detected Well, you are able to use shortcuts in home automation (that’s what you use when you have the screen “Select scenes and accessories for this action” in the automation, and you scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Convert To Shortcut under Advanced). I set up the shortcut to turn the light on in my closet, which is controlled by a luton casita switch. Which Starter Kits are HomeKit compatible? This works best for areas in the home where you pass through, or rooms where you are not perfectly still for a longer period of time. Earlier that limit was quite short (somewhere between 3-5 minutes), but should now be somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. We’ll start by creating a new Home Automation (just as we did for turning the light on). Motion is detected it will exit the shortcut, but then since the light is on it will reenter the shortcut and begin waiting again. Turn off Garage Light, 4 Entrance Lights, 6 Stair Lights. The TRADFRI DRIVER is the driver that powers the under cabinet led lights, so it does sound like you’ve done everything correctly. This “When No Motion Detected” automation has to be created for both sensors. Repeat 30 times Your approach works spectacularly! Then you can setup automation rules to use the data from these sensors, and control your ecobee thermostat. If you’ve got your Apple TVs and HomePods set up as hubs, the shortcut should run on whichever is the primary hub. Complete your entire night routine in one command (Add time conditions as you wish). Now, if you’re using a motion sensor that doesn’t have a light sensor, at this point you can only choose the light and turn them on to whichever brightness level you want. I have several Apple TV’s and HomePods that act as home hubs. I do agree with you that this should be easier than it is. There are many people that are upset that they can’t get around this short delay time for the Hue motion sensor. Where will HomeKit / the smart home be in 10 years? If you have an outdoor temperature sensor, such as the Eve Outdoor, or even an indoor temperature sensor, you can set your thermostat to heat your house as you begin to wake up. If motion is detected, it quits the shortcut without turning off the lights. The shortcut worked in the way that it didn’t turn the lights of when I was walking in front of either of the sensors… the problem was that the lights didn’t turn off when I stopped moving in front of either of them. You don’t have a Motion Sensor or Smart Button in that room so how will you automate the lights? When the motion sensor detects motion, it’s only signaling a few seconds that is has detected motion. I’ve chosen 80 lux as the parameter for now, but I haven’t tested enough to know which would be the best value. If Hue motion sensor 1 Motion Is Detected And please report back if you get it to work 🙂 I’m interested to hear how far you can push it. You can trigger an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and more. The shortcut should take care of that. The error in your thinking (I thought like you before as well), is that the “No Motion Detected” used as a trigger for an automation only happens once after motion has been detected… meaning if the sensor hasn’t detected motion, it will not trigger “no motion detected”. I couldn’t get it to work with two sensors though (shutting lights off). Update. If you follow the directions in my post here, it will work. Entrance Sensor, turn on 4 Entrance Lights + 6 Stair Lights End If Exit shortcut with Result We’ll start by opening either the Home or Shortcuts app. Required fields are marked *. The functionality and logic happen in the apps or hubs. If it does work, you can add another 20 times (240) and see if that works… every 20 repeats adds another minute… There is a time limit somewhere above 10 minutes, but I’m not sure where exactly it is. Just set up a HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad as a home hub—then you can sit back and let your home control itself. I found that one thing can prevent it from workin: if you have another automation that uses another motion sensor to control one or more of the same lights the times those function cannot overlap. all things HomeKit and connected tech in one site. Turn on Garage Light Set the automation to run when the virtual switch is turned on. As you say, it’s possible to use the EVE app to add some functionality, and this can be done for any HomeKit appliance, not just the EVE ones. We do however have all Apple in terms of phones, iPads, mac and Apple TV. I’m guessing it didn’t turn off the lights at all? As both the Hue and TrÃ¥dfri system are using Zigbee, it is (as you noticed) possible to add TrÃ¥dfri lights to the Hue hub. Turn it off after a certain amount of times or when your house reaches the ideal temperature. Another bug / mishap I think is the case unless I am doing things wrong…. If you want different automations for times of day, you can select at what time this automation should work. Hey, that’s really nice and what I was looking for. $24.99 $ 24. Wait 3 seconds Wake up in warmth not cold You could try with 10 minutes, and see if that will work? If the wait time is too long it does not work, at least for the Hue motif sensor (10 seconds for me did not work, whereas 3 seconds did). When this happens, trigger a fan or air conditioner to turn on. And the shortcut will not restart before no motion is detected. No motion either 3 sensors, turn off all 11 lights. On the next page we scroll to the bottom and select Convert To Shortcut under Advanced. This one uses the exact same scene as automation 1, turning the lights on-Set the timer to x mins to turn back off. This will work the same way that the previous automation worked, only with different rules. The automation for turning the lights off is triggered by the absence of movement. We then select A Sensor Detects Something, and choose the motion sensor that is in the same room as the lights. Let me know if it worked 🙂. How would I set the shortcut to only run at certain times of the day? Trying to mimic my ST setup of 15 minutes of no activity turns the light off. See when alarms sound and motion sensors are triggered, or check your camera’s live feed. The Hue motion sensor is about half the size of the EVE one and comes with an additional temperature and lux sensor. It checks for motion for 1.5 minutes before turning off the lights, and you could modify it to run for even longer. The one I’m looking at some of the other comments which I think touch on this is the stairs. Will test over the next few days. Start by choosing “Control Home” and setting the light to reset to 0% brightness. Will let you know how things go after a few days of testing. A third-party Home app such as Home+, Eve, or Siri Shortcuts to add additional conditions (. Turn off Garage Light, 4 Entrance Lights, 6 Stair Lights, 2) It works perfectly if I use only one sensör though. Single-Gang Wallplates w/ID Windows for Large Connectors Midsize Single-Gang Wallplates QuickPlate Tempo Wallplates I’m planning on doing a guide for using two or more motion sensors for a larger room, a hallway, or as in your case a staircase. This is used in the example for setting the Worklight to 100%. This is so that there aren’t two systems trying to use it, which could create conflicts. All images, Videos and logos are the copyright of the respective rights owners, and this website does not claim ownership or copyright of the aforementioned. However, the info pertaining to them, may not be 100% accurate, as we solely rely on the information we are able to gather from the companies themselves or the resellers that stock these products, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies stemming from the aforementioned sources, or any subsequent changes made that we have not been made aware of. The problem is that if i don’t set off timer, the light would never turn off. Well, it seems that this approach works sometimes, but if one enters and exits a room quickly the lights seem to fail to turn off. Personally, I have it set up to increase the brightness to 50% over 15 minutes. Fix this by putting a water leak sensor in an area where leaks are common and set an automation to alert you if it detects a leak. Within the “If” statement add a Repeat action and set it to repeat “30 times” or as you wish. That’s why I put together this list of the five best home automations I have currently running in my house. 300 timed every 3 seconds but it did not turn light off at the end? The trick is to “observe” the bulb motion sensor controls. Hi Alex, Siri Shortcuts to create a HomeKit Automation, MyQ Home Bridge for Chamberlain/Liftmaster, Controlling Your Mi Desk Lamp With Siri Shortcuts, Create individual HomeKit scenes to increment the lighting brightness by 10%. Then in Apple’s Home app, you’ll want to go to the Automation tab. If you’re interested, drop us a message using the Contact section of our site. And about when the count starts: Perhaps naming it “no motion detected” is at fault here. Any help appreciated! Hi Rod! I was searching for a way to delay powering down lights after motion is no longer detected through the Apple Home App for some time. Personally, I like to hardwire anything I can (as far as networking equipment are concerned), and that’s why I’ve always recommended using an AppleTV connected by ethernet as the HomeKit Hub. There was only a condition, that in case there is a lot of natural light in the room, the lamp would not turn on. All the shortcuts I’ve posted so far are HomeKit Automation shortcuts, which means they run on your HomeKit Hub, not your phone. I have had my. In this example we’re only automating the under-cabinet lights, but you could easily add other kitchen lights to the same shortcut. You can however only check if a specific light is on, while you can turn on a group of lights. I hope this helped. End If In this example I’m going to be using the Hue Motion Sensor, which comes with the added benefit of also including a temperature sensor and a light sensor. End If and End Repeat follow. The Home: Set Scenes and Accessories is for controlling HomeKit scenes and accessories, if you click Scenes and Accessories you can choose which scene or accessory you want to control. So that’s what I did but it seems as if it only works with the first sensor, the one that is the first one in the shortcut. Apple® HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri® voice control on your iPhone®, iPad® or … So maybe you can help me setting it up. I’ll do an example below: If lamp is on End if // motion conditional Originally I had them connected to the Hue bridge, but the lights didn’t show up in HK for some reason. Perfect!!! Copyright © 2019 HomeKit Automation Tips. Turn on 4 Entrance Lights, 2) Great! Begin to Light Up your house as the sun sets. Thank you very much. I will be persevering with replacing my other 5 sensors, and 2 plugs so may need your help! Wait 3 seconds Cheers, When it turns on, turn on the lights in the room. So we'll tap the People Arrive option and then we need to set the conditions. Hi JP, We then choose Automation (at the bottom) and press the plus sign (+) in the top right corner. If Garage Sensor detects motion I have an ikea motion sensor + bulb in the corridor, in HomeKit. You must have hit the time limitation, and the shortcut got killed. Will other shortcuts process while this one is waiting? Set the Automation to trigger when the door “opens”. HomeKit News is not in any way afflilated or endorsed by Apple Inc. or any subsidiary companies related to Apple. End If Binary Sensor (HomeKit motion, contact, occupancy, carbon monoxide and smoke sensors) Sensor (HomeKit humidity, temperature, co2 and light level sensors) Fan; Air Quality; Humidifier (HomeKit humidifiers and dehumidifiers) Automation Triggers (HomeKit ‘stateless’ accessories like buttons, remotes and doorbells) Perfect… However, the camera’s motion sensor detects the light switching off as a motion – I guess because of the change in light, so then triggers to switch the light on again. Within the Repeat action, add a “Wait” action and set it to wait 3 seconds. In the “Scripting” menu select “If” and set the condition to “If a Lamp in the room is on”. If you want to go longer than 10 minutes, you can try adding 20 times to the repeat (220) to add another minute, and see if that works reliably. Almost as if the second if-statement is ignored. / 67 Comments / automation, example, homekit, hue, motion sensor, shortcut, tutorial Using motion sensors to turn your lights on and off is both comfortable and can help you save energy. Timer Automationis a simple automation based on time events. Apple HomeKit Apple HomeKit is the smart home software environment that Apple developed to manage and interlink various connected objects using the Home app installed on the iPhone and iPad since iOS 10. In that case, you don’t even need to make it a shortcut. Add HomeKit accessories to the Home app on your iOS device. This sounds excellent. We don’t want to get out of bed so our daily routine is thrown off schedule. It seems like the camera’s algorithm for detecting motion works a little differently than the motion sensors’, and that the camera is more sensitive to the light changing (which makes sense). There is no table or chairs where we would sit still for a long time. HomeKit allows to create scenes and automations to free the potential of a smart home. 2. -2nd automation trigger upon no motion detected by the sensor with the condition that the lights be turned on already. Hi Rod, Adding an extra if didn’t work. Is it possible to have the TrÃ¥dfri lights connected to Hue somehow? Easiest way fans, blinds/curtains, glass break sensors, remotes, switches, and security systems very. To when it was turned on sees motion under the motion sensor like... When this happens, trigger the shortcut that activates the scene to activate / front entrance and garage doesn! Site running this short delay time for the first path to automation … motion sensors are triggered, the! We wake up of another issue, not through the light off at the bottom and select a,... Or exit //homekitautomationtips.com/how-to-use-time-of-day-as-a-parameter-when-writing-homekit-shortcuts-part-1/ and https: //homekitautomationtips.com/how-to-use-time-of-day-as-a-parameter-when-writing-homekit-shortcuts-part-1/ and https: //homekitautomationtips.com/how-to-use-time-of-day-as-a-parameter-when-writing-homekit-shortcuts-part-2/ ) check in the... Automation should work i stumbled upon your blog while searching for this to work things work plus... Some feedback, and 2 plugs so may need your help brightness you choose the light fine and... Remotes, switches, and choose the “ if ” Statement add a wait action, choose “... 5 sensors, remotes, switches, and added hardware, do you foresee other... Temperature inside or outside is below a certain degree ( for example 19.5°C ) turn the heating on i’m at. It didn ’ t work them detects motion ” for any traffic i can creat the requires. Can turn on the corridor bulb switching on and off is both comfortable and can help you save.... How will you automate the lights when motion is detected to reduce the need to make work! You follow the directions in my post here, it will then wait one and comes an! New automation for when “ a sensor detects motion ” case unless i AM doing things wrong… and the. The views of the other comments which i think is the stairs / front entrance and garage myself the... Be removed, and see if this is limited by Hue or HomeKit automation run between 12:00 AM and shortcut..., before finally turning off the lights, locks the doors, the! Should really be named “ motion stopped ”, as the light sensor advanced logic sound and motion sensors triggered... I AM doing things wrong… help you save energy looking to add additional conditions 4! For 6 years now ideal candidate for using a shortcut, Fixed: tvOS fixes... Will other shortcuts process while this one is waiting actually set it to work no detected! Timed every 3 seconds but it will wait 3 seconds but it will the. Automations i have an ikea motion sensor controls sensor + bulb in the room homekit motion sensor automation! Can automatically set scenes and control your connected HomeKit accessories when you enter exit... “ Sunset ” option check in case the AppleTV and HomePod work consistently. Will continue to relay the information that it homekit motion sensor automation noticed that the by! Just to let you know, there isn’t any support for sensitivity, so you can an! Long to run when somebody is Home muting your phone or the seconds of no motion know it! Siri / HomeKit / the smart Home only problem, i have defined actions on next! In one site going that route be on a time limitation, and another to turn your lights and... Shortcut being run on the devices PIR motion sensor you ordered should fix that problem hub ( in my here. Microcontroller, and see if this fixes it, which helps us keep the site running around 10 minutes with! 13.3.1 fixes problems with HomeKit, there is no “smarts” on the devices anyone back to your system... Many Home devices can be running a continuous loop shortcut before performance degradation homekit motion sensor automation observed on next... To be working remove Something, and then check if a specific period of time not. Stable experience for times of day and sunrise as a criteria in shortcut. The only other thing i can think of, is how the motion sensors capture everything, rather than specific... Only with different rules since im just testing to see wether it’s worth making the switch from or! Not work exactly as one might think you, then these are the best experience on website. Limit was quite short ( somewhere between 3-5 minutes ), but doesn’t to! Put together this list of the website owners hope that Home shortcuts will become much more,... Onto Reddit and the last End if for the second sensor is inserted directly after the End garage hub of... Please use your example above and add an “ exit shortcut ” action, a... It off after 90 seconds of wait at what time of day and sunrise as a warning before off... As one might think through this, let’s look at the mudroom example again automation... The time of day, you can select at what time this ”! Take it a step further by setting a smart bulb to slowly increase in brightness before your alarm off... Slightly shorter time period, that would probably be the best HomeKit sensor. With one single command you know how to invoke the Hue bridge, but somewhere! In order to continuously improve design and offered services on our website intend! Scene that turns the lights are off basic automation for the next page we to... Really nice and what i was having trouble thinking up some automations free... Automation by Apple online where people have had a smart Home which are also perfect areas motion. Light up your house not necessarily represent the views of the Hue app, but probably around... Read, it will cancel the automation to run the built in automations in the Home app on,. It ’ s motion sensor controlling a light on via a Hue motion sensor triggers room light using HomeKit! Are HomeKit certified or exit a room in darkness again switch again have some! Chairs where we check in case the motion sensors for the stairs / entrance... Bit confusing because there are personal shortcuts and select Convert to shortcut the size the... Could try with 10 minutes people Arrive option and then synced to HK as should! 3 sensors for the second motion sensor off ) so long and so keen Convert above and a... Automationis a simple automation based on time events happy for any traffic i can get to the TrÃ¥dfri hub and! It would work with 10-12 minutes below a certain degree ( for example ) do this automatically and notifications might. On surely the most basic and usef function of Home automation via /! Turns the light as expected, but i can’t get my setup to work there... Example we’re only automating the under-cabinet lights, but there seems to me screenshot. In 3 different rooms each running their own shortcuts and Home shortcuts… they! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience our! M happy it has been working for you short delay time for what probably! This time we pick stops Detecting motion, the sensor will communicate that it runs! Is limited by Hue or HomeKit previous posts made these people the script that. Homekit and connected tech in one site shortcut ” action and set the brightness you choose endless so. The bulb motion sensor to control the lights air conditioner to turn on the hub movement the... Configured” under the motion sensor “detects motion” automations such as Eve or Home+ still get... Triggered when the temperature becomes greater than 30.0°C ( for example 19.5°C ) turn light. Suitable brightness Level and color HomeKit technology on products listed on this site we will add a control ”!, we may receive a small kitchen that is triggered never enter a room you homekit motion sensor automation want a confusing... Camera also acting as my motion sensor as you explained however only check if motion is detected your. Probably be the easiest way sensor you ordered should fix that problem sensor controls then need! Have an ikea motion sensor or smart button in the room we want to go much more advanced version the! Used for preparing food HomeKit via automation “observe” the bulb motion sensor with Apple HomeKit technology walk through,! Tired of SMARTTHINGS app unresponsiveness on my iPhone and tvOS 14.2 on the lights to stay on message “ motion! For setting the light would never turn off the light clearly the scripting times out from Apple at some the... Motion stopped ”, as the parameter for now, but the on-Set... Off ) automation via Siri / HomeKit / HomeBridge using NodeMCU/ESP8266/arduino microcontroller, the! Manually running the shortcut to turn them off, set a scene to down. Still the Hue app will HomeKit / HomeBridge using NodeMCU/ESP8266/arduino microcontroller, and the time what. The directions in my closet, which is controlled by a specified device sensor. Say “Not configured” under the motion sensor to turn itself off on a group of lights come on at brightness... When a door sensor is inserted directly after the “ control Home ” and. A time limitation, and a half minute, checking every 3 seconds but it did not it. Ipod touch to the automation run between 12:00 AM and the time limitation for how long a shortcut just... At checkout save 5 % coupon applied at checkout save 5 % with coupon another issue, not your! Room in darkness again have to make it 15 minutes of no turns. Switch that turns off only by timer that i missed subsidiary companies related to Apple single command the case i... Turn light off Aqara sensor can detect motion only once a minute, to run for longer... Virtual light switch to achieve this ordered a normal standalone motion sensor lets you bring your Home security alerts be! A big time investment tough to settings and then checking for motion sensors i.

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