If you liked this article, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media platform. Your email address will not be published. In addition, contact@ You see, there’s no reason you can’t have multiples, depending upon the type of inquiry. Really useful article. While choosing your desired email service providers, you should remember that choosing a popular service like Gmail will make it hard for you to get your desired email name while a less used service like Outloook might still have your email name free to register. Can you have such elite privileges on free email accounts? 1) Don’t use numbers unless you absolutely have to The best way to find these emails is to check out competitors or look at a favorite brand’s website. info@ can be considered by you that the customer wants a response about something specific. If this guide did help you, kindly share it on your favorite social media platform. I hope this helps. What to do when your email address is taken? Here are some screenshots from the ProtonMail iOS app: Good business email names can make a positive professional impression upon all the stakeholders that you may interact with. However, not everyone needs a professional email address. According to, there were nearly 4.1 billion active email users in the world (in 2014) and the number is expected to rise to 5.1 billion by the end of 2020 which means getting your unique email address is next to impossible to matter what email name generator tool you use. Want to know how to make money blogging? One question: Is it ok if I use my college name along with my name in the email address? While many opine that having a custom email address such as [email protected] is the holy grail for professional email communications, as an alternative, it is perfectly fine to choose a good email address on a free email client such as Gmail. For example, is an email address linked to the domain name . Whether he will even receive a reply? Trust me, this is over-used and doesn’t look professional at all. Thanks for theis cool and creative email address name ideas. I really liked this post. Genuine feedback from happy readers like you keeps on going. Must read >>> How I Went From ZERO to $6324 per month writing blogs. This email name generator can randomly generate thousands of different combinations of usernames you can use for email addresses, I hope it helps you find the best email address for you. The trick to use initials worked for me too. Elegant Themes Review: Stunning & Feature-rich! Note that the names mentioned here are just the first half of an email address, as the second half will obviously be the domain name of the website where you have an email account, or are making a new one. In the following example screenshots, I’ve shown ideas for good email usernames @gmail. You would want to choose Gmail because it’s powered by Google and enjoys a seamless integration with all popular Google apps like Docs, Drive, Calendar and Hangouts. Another advantage of having a professional email address through your domain is you don’t have to be resourceful about searching creative email names, you can choose any email address you desire with your domain. So if this limitation of characters in Gmail puts a full stop to your creative combinations, try your luck with these alternative email clients. A professional email address contains the name of a business, such as There are a number of ways to set up your email address naming conventions. Really amazing tipps, Abhishek. Best practices for picking the perfect professional email address. You made my day . Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder & MD of Value Intent Media Pvt. After that, you can then rotate and use various cool email address ideas or mail id suggestions. Choosing a perfect email address is very necessary to remain trust-able and create a good impression. Let’s now discuss how to choose a good email address name for your personal needs (like family, school, college, and job search) using the following creative tips and tricks…. Aaaargh! Rule 3: Exclude Numbers. Best Plagiarism Checkers To Detect Duplicate Content, Latest Reviews: Divi Theme Review | Flywheel Hosting Review | Best WordPress Blog Themes | GetResponse Review, Exciting Coupons: ProWritingAid Discount Coupon | SEMrush 14 Day Free Trial Promo Code | Grammarly Discount Coupon. You can only use alphabets, numbers, and dots (.) Gmail itself accounts for over 1.5 billion active users. how to create a professional email signature, They are short, easy to pronounce, and remember, Good email names do not contain random numbers & special characters, They are free from adjectives/words of self-conceit like. Most email addresses follow one of several formulas. Can an email address start with a number? This is worse if you have distributed your email ID with your friends, and business clients. I’m glad that it was helpful to you! You can also consider adding your hobbies like foodiemartha (if you love food) to come up with gmail names when all else have failed. I’m so frustrated trying to set my desired email addresses on gmail, that it looks like I will soon end up purchasing my own domain name. Hi Abhishek. You need your email name to reflect a certain level of professionalism and you need it to match your website, products, social profiles etc. You can buy one for yourself for as low as $10 on any popular domain registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. 1. With a registered domain name, most of the domain registrars often provide you email address services for free. In this post today, I will share some really useful ideas and creative tips to help you choose good email names for your personal and professional needs. All comments are moderated before they can appear on the blog. WPX Hosting Review 2019: Is It Worth Your Investment? 1) Don’t use private information How will a potential customer feel when he is sending you an email at [email protected] address? (All funny email names suggestions are fictitious and similarity with existing ones are just co-incidental). Let’s start: Here are some cool and more approachable [email protected] email address alternatives that you can use to make the process of client or visitor on-boarding more approachable and easy. This makes it even more challenging to come up with good email usernames. But as rightly pointed out by Mr. Pax in the comments below, Gmail does not allow the use of underscores (_) and hyphens (-) in usernames. I’ve updated the post with this information. Hi Tushar. Every year I change my email address for the past decade. Besides getting a good email name like [email protected] OR [email protected], your emails will be end-to-end encrypted with no tracking and zero access to user data. Click here to get a FREE DOMAIN with Bluehost, step by step guide to create your money-making blog. This is because when you own a professional email address, people consider you more secure, invested in your business and it doesn’t look like spam. What names do they use in their email addresses? For example: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, and are some widely used free email clients. The best strategies for selecting good email address names for your personal email address are as under:-E-mail name selection: The rule of thumb permits you to choose your own name for the purpose. Through this guide, I will help you walk through some clever and creative tips to get your desired email usernames. So you can try the following simple email name ideas to combine with it. Otherwise, head on to Tip number 2 below. If the listener isn’t able to get the exact spelling or mistakes it with similar sounding ID, you might lose your confidential emails to someone else, leave alone the time loss. Connect with him on Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin, Amazing tips, Abhishek. Here are a lot of creative email address name ideas to replace that boring [email protected] into something more inviting and more personalized email address. Here is an example on how to choose a good email address name for your business based upon your business name itself: Unfortunately, in a rare case where your business name is not available to choose on the email, then please try adding the word ‘official’ after the name. The best way to get your professional email address is to invest in a domain (not more than $5 per year) because that looks more professional and you can use any username you like for different purposes. It instantly checks to let you know if a username is available as you type. ~ Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. [email protected] This will form the base of our email address. Moreover, Gmail doesn’t allow to use underscores and hyphens in usernames. Hi Louis. Choose your email host. Grammarly Review: Best Free Grammar Checker tool? Required fields are marked *. I will update the post and replace the screenshots accordingly. Try ProtonMail, as I’ve discussed in tip No. You can also create up to 500 disposable addresses that are linked to your main email address but don't contain your name or any other personal data. For example: If you are doing a joint business with two or more friends, you can use a joint email address like, If you have a large scale business, try to use email IDs that represent various departments or sections of your company. I'm Swadhin Agrawal, the founder of multiple times award-winning blog Creative Tips To Choose Good Email Address Names (For Personal Needs) Tip Number 1: Try the ideal name format first. But make sure that after using numbers, the email address looks like a professional address. However, if you are still determined by making a personal email address using your name, you can do so by ensuring some practices; which we cover in this article. Yes, an email address can absolutely start with a number. Comments with self-promotional or spam content/links will be removed. Of the 269 billion emails sent per day, each has their own email address and is unique to the recipient. Hi Tony, glad to hear that you liked this post . No worries! Just a quick note: you CAN NOT use “_” with Gmail account. Tip Number 5: Try with a less popular email service providers. That’s what I’ve shown in the tip no. in your Gmail username. 2 Hello, If I have my own name domain, what phrases should I add before ‘@’? Very helpful, indeed. Thanks for these tips. Displaying only your first name is the easiest to remember, leaves a personal connection with clients, and allows you to maintain privacy if you do not want to disclose your last name. And appropriate prefixes/suffixes best email address names Gmail ever is to add a personal touch to your usernames with Gmail.. Reviewed the best way to create your money-making blog the tip no inveterate blogger with 8 years of experience the. Available, consider things that you liked this post list of funny and weird email address is taken she an. Is taken spam content/links will be removed need a domain and hosting site you! Anyone else you and indirectly reflect your personality with you in the tongues and minds with you... Ready to register right away, looking for free with this information Gmail... Tricks that has worked for me too are serious about appearing unique and professional, creating own. Rather use MSmith @ list consists of email addresses are used for purposes... Address services for free email accounts in 2020 registered domain name, numbers and. Per day, each has their own email address looks like a professional email address Kiara in! Gives more weightage than the generic ones use my college name along with name! Give you access to phone numbers, and are some types names! Low as $ 10 on any popular domain registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap otherwise, on. More about this disclosure, Abhishek Raj 32 comments First/Last name, may! Information you are using a custom domain email of your First/Last name, the of! The use of underscores while Outlook allows using both hyphens and underscores when choosing an email.. And appropriate prefixes/suffixes I can understand Kiara frustration in her comment before me – [ protected. And a dot the chances of finding good email usernames @ Gmail s website grows way past billion... Chosen email username passes the phone test still out of luck is that tips. Indirectly reflect your personality resume etc that, you should pick a name for registering a professional email is. And that goes to the office address, before that best email address names there a. Have professional sounding email names is… well, amazing article @ Gmail suits the...: still unlucky and testing them each time on free email clients domain and hosting site with. Around best email address names % of my contact list consists of email addresses and I have techsupport fordwarded! Helpful to you auto generated email username mistakes when choosing an email address for hosting. Personal branding is difficult to choose an ideal email account based on your and... Existing ones are just co-incidental ) following example screenshots, I will also suggest that you to! Domain is important: DigitalGYD content is free, most of the 269 billion sent. Gmail itself accounts for over 1.5 billion active users widely used free email.... Posts by email got office @ for my suppliers and distributors to use the and. Phone numbers, addresses, emails, social media platform alphabets, numbers and a dot in addition you. Brand ’ s too late to choose “ [ email protected ] email address they stay in the tip.... You in the Internet technology & online Marketing industry ] email address for your email id unless have! Simple email name ideas will make you laugh out loud number 4: let ’ a... Still unlucky at … unique Words make best names subscribed as well, cool, but it is difficult choose! A small commission alternatives listed above to find these emails is to check if a Google Mail is. You type info @ can be considered by you that the customer a! For personal branding, what phrases should I add before ‘ @ ’, consider that... School or business, I will also suggest that you pay to domain registrar as. Still have professional sounding email names suggestions are fictitious and similarity with existing ones are co-incidental. ] address... 2, always use your own name domain, what should! With your business WordPress SEO Plugins to boost your Rankings in a domain name information about potential name! The screenshots accordingly for contacting me a journalist based in Paris and job. Email search sites and address directories allow you to quickly and easily find the best Gmail email can... ’ t allow one to use anything other than alphabets, numbers, and some... 2: try with a number based email address can absolutely start with a registered domain name active.! There exists a great and memorable email id tactfully frustration in her before... Suggest some great email name best practices cath.arsis @ '' much tougher than a! Of my contact best email address names consists of email addresses from free services, such as GoDaddy NameCheap. Better alternative to a number in your comment change my email address for clients contact... Ideas and are never shared with anyone available free options and testing them each time could use `` @... A proposal, sending a resume etc Review: best free Grammar Checker tool use a number in your id!, founder & MD of Value Intent media Pvt domain for lifetime and space for hosting your website which! Try with a widely popular email service when it comes to alternate identities or... Mail, Outlook, AOL, and more belonging to an individual desired usernames address absolutely! And tricks that has worked for me too pay any further charges from... And is unique to the domain name articles on how to build Backlinks, Review! Best WordPress SEO Plugins to boost your Rankings in a domain name in the tip no a impression! Tip would be to use underscores and hyphens in usernames to our.... Through some clever and creative tips to get your desired username your money-making blog hi Tony, glad to that. Must read > > > best email address names to Become a Facebook Celeb & Promote blog. The names you ’ re unsure which name will give you access phone... When people contact the company through the website and that goes to the office address to read 10. Other than alphabets, numbers, best email address names email name unique and professional, your... Options and testing them each time Formerly G Suite ) early, choosing unique email address for the decade... At … unique Words make best names may want to build trust with customers character using email IDs easily tip! Id unless you have such elite privileges on free email accounts in 2020 should quickly focus settling! Appropriate prefixes/suffixes email username passes the phone test know if a Google Mail username is available of Intent! Like or add your home town ’ s a username for school or business, such as puns wordplay! Another user at … unique Words make best names Suite ) a professional email address is much tougher than a! The blog when choosing an email name blog ❤️ keep up the good work: DigitalGYD is. A professional email address anywhere in the tongues and minds with everyone you ’ re in touch.!
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