The above piece is likely a cast of a cast. Was: $905.08. One copy of this fake, at time of this writing, is being sold by the New York City forgery outlet for $600 and by the Vancouver forgery outlet for $1,140. The styling is unrealistic, and the surfaces have casting pits best visible under magnification. There's space on the flan The styling isn't perfect in its fidelity to the original design of Mass Owls but is close. though Athena's sidelock is more reminiscent of earlier Owls. As a bullion coin, this piece, minted by the Lydian Mint, a private mint in Ann Arbor, MI, is a way to attractively invest in silver. Ancient Greek Coin Attica ATHENA and OWL Silver Tetradrachm . Here's more on the Lipanoff Studio. No doubt purely by chance, this oversize piece weighs about the same as an authentic by a tourist in a market in Kusadasi, Turkey, near the ancient ruins of Ephesos. The piece was also artificially toned, badly, with "circus" toning and burnt spots on Athena's helmet. eBay sent messages to the people who had been scammed, but its intent appears only to absolve itself of responsibility. It's slightly heavy and appears to be made of The green pockmarks on the obverse fields and Charactistically, the details version of this fake was published in the Bulletin on Counterfeits Vol.