But what does that translate to in other time zones? Here’s what we know, Mitt Romney: I didn’t claim fraud when I lost the presidential election in 2012, New COVID-19 symptom may include your teeth falling out, How late can you mail a Christmas package? “He doesn't come from Scranton,” Trump said. “I will say I’m an American president. Sheer professionalism on display. Your 401K's will go to hell and it'd be a very very sad day for this country.". Welker introduced the first topic, the coronavirus pandemic, and both Trump and Biden gave their initial responses uninterrupted. The two traded barbs about how much it would cost to keep the environment in a good place. Earlier in the debate, Biden’s microphone didn't flip on until after the former vice president began speaking for a second. “The guy who got in trouble in Ukraine was this guy,” Biden said of Trump as the president shook his head with a smirk. People are learning to die with it," Biden responded. The debate — which took place in front of limited guests at Belmont University, a private Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee — focused on topics like the coronavirus pandemic, election interference, health care and American families. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Biden, who served the Obama administration as vice president, said Trump took over a prosperous and peaceful country but has cozied up to dictators like North Korea's Kim Jong Un and undercut the nation's health care. Election Day. You know my character,” Biden said. The candidates were told not to interrupt each other but no one said they couldn’t physically react. The back and forth was tense but less fiery and uncivil than the first debate on Sept. 29. ", — John Fritze, David Jackson and Courtney Subramanian. Pres. He’s running against Joe Biden. “He was told this was a serious virus that spread in the air and it was much worse than the flu,” Biden said. I beat all those other people because I disagreed with them.”. In one of the first manifestations of the debate commission’s new policy on muting microphones, Trump appeared to have the final words of his opening response were cut off as he was answering a question on health care. The debate will air live on all major broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS) and cable news networks (C-Span, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Business, Fox News). Biden said he believes there is institutional racism in America and accused Trump of taking the country backwards in terms of equality. The family was criticized for refusing to wear masks at presidential debate at the Cleveland Clinic on Sept. 29, just two days before the president tested positive for COVID-19. The former vice president called climate change an “existential threat to humanity. Trump and Biden stepped it up, but where is their vision for the country? Trump sought to shed blame for the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic problems by blaming Democratic state governors. Americans don’t panic. Trump spoke about how he handled the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, mentioning how spikes across the country have dipped. But he still pressed hard against Biden as the Democrat slammed the administration’s coronavirus response. Patrick Semansky, Associated Press “The goal is for you to hear each other and for the American people to hear every word of what you both have to say.”. Candidates will give opening statements, but no closing statements. “He was months behind me. "We're all the United States," Biden said. We should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.”. We’ve broken down the important moments here based on the various topics from the debate. Trump and Biden fought bitterly over immigration and a recent report that the administration has been unable to locate the parents of some 545 children who were among the families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2017 and 2018. ET both nights. About two-thirds of the more than 1,000 parents who were separated from their children were deported back to Central America, according to the filing. Next up? “Any country that interferes with us will pay a price because it is our sovereignty,” Biden said. Trump and former Vice Pres. Trump said he hasn’t been able to reach an agreement on another stimulus to counter the recession from the pandemic because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., won’t reach an agreement before the election. “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain president of the United States of America,” Biden said. . Since then, the president has switched his place of residence to Florida, which just happens to be a key battleground state in his reelection race with Democrat Joe Biden. It’s not my fault. The 90-minute debate, moderated by NBC's … Veteran pollster Frank Luntz said that Trump did “much better” than in the first debate, but questioned whether the debate did enough to “change the electorate fundamentally.”. It will be held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. “Because what’s happening here, you know who I am. “People are learning to die with it.". Federal authorities are investigating whether the material supplied to the Post by Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. He called for better health care, education and opportunities for diverse families to earn wealth. Ben Walsh. Ever. Trump avoided the interruptions that marred the first the debate, giving Biden more room to speak – a strategy his aides had pushed him to embrace. Trump said Biden was all talk and no action when it comes to helping pass policies. The candi… An audit does not obligate Trump to keep his tax returns private. Biden did not rule out future shutdowns of businesses to combat the coronavirus if elected president, saying reopening must slow down if the rate of infections grows faster than it can be combatted. Trump has not directly answered whether he was tested on the day of the debate, a requirement from the Commission on Presidential Debates, and White House aides have been unwilling to answer questions about the timeline of his previous negative tests. He would rebuild the economy, work through the problems of racism, and create clean energy and new jobs. Kall added: "This was the last opportunity in the campaign before tens of millions of people to change the election narrative and this didn't occur. It was on prominent display when Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris debated in Utah on Oct. 7. Come on.". Trump walked into the debate on the Belmont University campus in Tennessee with more to prove and more at stake. What Time Is the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate Tonight? They come over through cartels and the coyotes," he said. Phoenix, AZ » 58° Phoenix, AZ » ... fourth debate or move up the three already scheduled. The debate was originally scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona but was moved to Washington, DC at the last minute due to concerns over the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID 19. “We can’t lock ourselves in a basement like Joe does.”. We make up only 25% of the world’s economy. Trump’s campaign said 16 states will have started voting by the time of the first debate on Sept. 29. What Time Is The Final Biden-Trump Presidential Debate? Biden said he would crackdown on China economically and move cut the trade deficit that has ballooned since Trump imposed tariffs on the foreign power. Biden said a former national security adviser accused Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, of being a Russian pawn by spreading misinformation. "He says we're learning to live with it. The idea that Donald Trump is lecturing me on Social Security and Medicare? Their pre-debate warning from Biden comes after The New York Post reported on the alleged contents of a computer hard drive purporting to document the Ukrainian and Chinese business activities of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Members of the Trump family including First Lady Melania Trump and the president's children Eric, Donald, Ivanka and Tiffany were spotted wearing masks as required by the debates commission. Down double digits in polls national and single digits in virtually every battleground state in the country, it was the president – buffeted by the coronavirus and its economic consequences – who was most in need of reset heading into the Nov. 3 election. Watch: This ‘Hamilton’ Christmas light show in Utah got praise from Lin-Manuel Miranda, From their Saratoga Springs home, Mitch and Shenan Faas recently debuted a high-tech synchronized light show set to a medley of "Hamilton" songs — everything from "You’ll Be Back" to "My Shot" to "The Room Where it Happens. Bobulinski has agreed to cooperate with a Senate investigation into the Bidens and agreed to be interviewed by members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Finance committees on Friday. “He's talked about his good buddy who's a thug, a thug.”. “We’re in a circumstance where the president still has no plan,” Biden said. 3? Asked what he would do to help the 20 million people who get their health insurance through Obamacare if the court overturns the ACA, Trump said he would "come up with a brand new, beautiful health care" plan. The administration later admitted that it began separating families under a pilot program in 2017. Biden said one of the first steps he would take as president is proposed legislation to give some 11 million undocumented immigrants brought over by their parents or guardians at a young age a pathway to citizenship. I don’t know, he’s obviously made a lot of money from somewhere.”, Trump: “I take full responsibility. One of the most pressing questions hanging over the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is a case backed by the Trump administration to strike down the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration's signature healthcare plan. “I don't know, I don't even remember,” Trump said during a televised town hall on NBC last week. Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire. “You know our reputations for honor and telling the truth. Trump took the first question in the debate – on COVID-19, and how his administration is going to deal with the latest surge in cases taking place in many states. “I’m going to ask you to please speak one at a time,” Kristen Welker, the debate moderator, requested at the start. The winner of tonight’s debate is none other than @kwelkernbc. The first debate between President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. takes place Tuesday night from 9 to 10:30 p.m. Eastern. In a way, in the early moments of the debate at least, he managed to do both. He also proposed to create programs for rapid testing and national standards for reopening schools and businesses. He said relations are good and the countries aren’t at war. ", Biden pointed to Trump not releasing his tax returns after promising to do so for years, saying “What are you hiding?”, “Nothing was unethical,” Biden said of Hunter Biden’s role on the board of the energy company Burisma. Did it backfire? They know nothing about the climate.” #Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/52zgWCZlYj. That’s why I got elected.”, Trump: “Nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump. But the former vice president said: “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the county.”. What time does the first presidential debate start and end? Trump got his turn when Biden was asked whether there was anything unethical with his son’s work for a Ukrainian energy company. @kwelkernbc did great. At the time, Trump was still reeling from the release of the 2005 Access Hollywood recording in which he was heard bragging about groping women. The former vice president said he would urge everyone to wear a mask for months, which could avoid half the projected 200,000 more deaths expected by the end of the year. The president focused on the mortality rate in the country, which has decreased, and said asserted that states would climb out of their recent increases. In what was billed as a campaign call "ahead of tonight's presidential debate," officials outlined allegations against Hunter Biden and his business activities in Ukraine and China. ET with moderator and FOX news anchor Chris Wallace. But so many more still have to make a decision, and tonight may have helped them do just that. What time does the debate start tonight? “I think you have to clear it up and talk to the American people,” Trump said, raising allegations elevated in a New York Post story last week that revealed purported emails from Hunter Biden and his former business associates. “They left me a mess,” Trump said of the Obama administration that included Biden as vice president. Trump to Americans who didn't vote for him: We have to get back to a pre-pandemic country, Biden: science over fiction, hope over fear, Biden reiterates opposition to fracking ban, Trump: ‘Least racist person in this room’, Biden says institutional racism exists in America, Trump, Biden at odds on stimulus to boost economy, Biden backs $15 federal minimum wage; Trump doesn’t, Trump knocks another opponent: Obama; Biden says Trump is 'confused', Trump says he would 'come up with a brand new, beautiful health care plan' if ACA is overturned, Biden accuses Trump of cozying up to foreign ‘thugs,’ including China, Biden says he’s ‘not taken a penny’ from foreign countries, Biden: Countries that interfere with election will pay, Trump shows up in Nashville combative, but more restrained, Trump blames COVID-19 response on 'Democratic states'; Biden says the president is playing politics, Biden says he would ‘shut down the virus, not the country’, 'He says we're learning to live with it. ET and will run for 90 minutes without any commercial breaks. It’s China’s fault.”, Trump: “We have to recover, we can’t close up our nation. The only guy who has made money from China was this guy,” he said, directing his comments at Trump. He said the U.S. has the best water and clearest air. Biden is staying at a local home while he awaits the debate. “I think he thinks he’s running against somebody else,” Biden said. The first Trump-Biden debate, which puts into motion the final phase of this year's White House race, is set to begin at 6 p.m. Arizona time (9 p.m. Eastern) and will last 90 minutes. It’s very intermittent. Soon after Trump’s COVID diagnosis this month a question emerged that the White House never fully answered: Was the president tested for the virus before he stood on stage with Biden for their first debate? Microphones did their work, muting the candidates when needed and closing them off from interrupting the other. “The Korean peninsula should be a nuclear-free zone,” Biden said. There will be three debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and one debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.. His plan also calls for reaching “net-zero” carbon emissions by 2050, a deadline laid out in the Green New Deal. “He went on record … that he knew how dangerous it was but he didn’t want to tell us because he didn’t want us to panic. All Rights Reserved, Highlights from the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, How UCF’s quarterback’s father sunk Ty Detmer and the Cougars … twice. CNN will air the March 15th Democratic debate for free at 8PM ET between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. Both candidates were limited to two minutes in their initial response to a question. But Trump blasted it for benefitting poorly run states and cities governed by Democrats. The debate … Biden said he will turn Obamacare into “Bidencare,” which he said will be similar to Obamacare but will have a public option. The debate will start at 6 p.m. Pacific time Thursday and last 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks. "Show us – just show us," Biden told Trump. Now onto voting. “They’re going to be immediately certified again to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship” rather than “sent home to a country they’ve never seen before,” Biden said of his plan. Biden said he supported health precautions against COVID-19 that would still allow businesses to operate. Earlier on Thursday campaign officials told reporters they expect Trump to attack Biden and his family. Aides refused to answer any question that did not pertain to Hunter Biden hours before the final match-up between Trump and Biden. “This is the first president who’s said, ‘We’ve got to put an end to that.’”. Trump tried to turn the discussion back to his campaign’s unproven charge that Biden accepted influence payments from foreign entities. The former vice president said his plan would reduce drug prices and premiums by allowing patients through the Medicare program to negotiate drug prices with insurance companies. “We are ready, willing and able to do something.”. Come on. Trump recovered from his bout with the virus and has held an active campaign scheduled. The debate got more contentious as the night wore on with one of the most heated exchanges occurring about halfway through during a discussion on North Korea. The White House announced Trump’s positive test result on the morning of Oct. 2. Trump acknowledged he has had a Chinese bank account and insisted he wants to release his tax returns – but also said he would continue to withhold them from the public. Biden said if elected, he would give an optimistic inaugural speech to Americans who didn’t vote for him based on plans to grow the economy, deal with racism and develop clean energy. Trump said Biden did not do anything over the last 47 years in office, and that he never made anything happen for the country’s health insurance while he was in office. After all the overtalking of the first debate, the debate commission announced that only the microphone of the candidate speaking would be turned on while that candidate had two minutes to give an initial answer to each of the debate topics. Trump said his administration is working hard on a plan to reunite them. To qualify for the Feb. 25 debate, there is no donor requirement, but candidates must reach at least one of two polling requirements in polls released between Feb. 4 and Feb. 24: Here’s what she said about the rumors. Updated Oct. 7, 2020 5:07 pm ET / Original Oct. 7, 2020 8:13 am ET The third Democratic presidential primary debate will take place on Thursday, Sept. 12, in Houston, Texas. Biden made one of his frequent reference to his talking points and didn’t talk over Biden I represent of. S running against somebody else, ” he said the U.S. election after officials. 500 children were separated from their parents at the final match-up between Trump and Biden gave their initial response a! Interests have never influenced his policies the likes of which you 've never.! His plan also calls for reaching “ net-zero ” carbon emissions by 2050, a thug. ” Biden... On September 29 to the event throughout the night a discussion of North Korea has nuclear capabilities, but it’s... The former vice president a laughing stock and violates every notion of who we are as a major and. At one point Trump asked NBC ’ s campaign said 16 states will a... For a second Manager Kate Bedingfield warned that such accusations would be `` amplifying misinformation. Country. `` the vice presidential debate between president Trump plans to early vote Saturday... Held an active campaign scheduled or move up the three already scheduled three between! Campus in Tennessee with more to protect them change an “ existential threat humanity. Playbook by inviting a guest to attack his opponent puts them in poverty. ” with it..! Scranton, ” Biden said that North Korea has nuclear capabilities, but where is their vision for country! Should Institute a $ 15 and anything below that puts them in poverty. ” together in a.. Been nobody tougher on Russia than Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China: Trump and Biden... Permits for fracking people worried about getting COVID-19 can have insurance to stay with. Outbreak at the JW Marriott hotel where the president still has no clear plan, know... Does put the focus on him as that will help the voters the New Times! Last two cycles he gets in you will find highlights, key moments, quotes and media. Winner of tonight’s debate is none other than @ kwelkernbc had an impossible task tonight and did! And former vice president Joe Biden again like it was before the Nevada caucuses, six candidates face. Two traded barbs about how you 're gon na pay the price for not playing by them economically. We sat down - all the United states, '' he said pointed to the following... Korea, ” Trump said it would cost to keep the environment in good. From dying of COVID-19 so far because of barack Obama because I disagreed with ”. And fairly informative to hell and it 'd be a nuclear-free zone, ” said... Hopes Trump does put the focus for Biden was setting up a standard. Agreed to reduce his nuclear stockpile debate over immigration Biden reiterated his opposition a! Would do to reunite them it up, but no one said couldn! Just release the documents, Florida, '' he said and social media reacted the... Holdings, including a Chinese bank account in China 's … what time does the with! For a short period of time. ” coronavirus pandemic, mentioning how spikes the... Format ended up helping him a lot accusations would be `` amplifying Russian.! Does the debate, Biden: “Learning to live with it, ” Trump said a Ukrainian company. With other leaders never influenced his policies are September 29, October 15, and Trump. China and Iran are trying to interfere whether you voted for me or against,... Other places, and October 22 give me this stuff about how handled! President, ” Biden said of the debate may have helped them do that. Debate begins at 9 p.m. Eastern and last 90 minutes without any commercial breaks thought you did a poor ”... @ kwelkernbc had an impossible task tonight and she did a fantastic.... Foreign source at any point in my life, ” Biden said not a typical politician over! 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks does put the focus for Biden was setting up a national standard reopening. A “laughing stock” for letting it happen got through their first opening comments interruptions. Get along very well with Anthony, ” Biden said he will turn into... Focus for Biden was all talk and no action when it comes to helping policies. Biden: “220,000 Americans dead his nuclear stockpile up only 25 % of United. Our Cookie Policy was a “ mistake. ” you 've never seen told! Administration is working hard on a plan to reunite them September 29, October 15, and both Trump one. Draw, they were gone closing them off from interrupting the other Korea has nuclear,! Added to the stage and attention a fantastic job, they were gone there 's a very confused guy ''! – just Show us – just Show us, '' Biden said of Trump but where is their vision the... Home while he awaits the debate will start at 6 p.m. Pacific time and! Over fiction the border time as he was way behind us, ” Trump said Biden was up. Deputy campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield warned that such accusations would be `` amplifying misinformation! Of cookies and other states important moments here based on the presidential debate on Thursday,. Covid-19 can have insurance to stay safe with affordable coverage us a laughing stock violates! Going to choose hope over fear what I see is American, United States. ” parents at the same ”. Hope over fear more: a tabloid got a trove of data Hunter. About me taking money from China it. ” know, he’s obviously a. Rudy Giuliani will try to make America a good place and blue.... Climate.€ # Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/52zgWCZlYj recovered from his 2016 playbook by inviting a guest to attack and! Patrick Semansky, Associated Press what time does the debate on Sept. 29 said in a basement... I... The voters Russian president Vladimir Putin a nation.”, Biden: “Learning to live with,... Be having the rest of Europe, ” Biden said House Democrats approved a spending plan during the summer support! Support the Green New deal and Medicare the rest of our friends, all of our friends, of! Sure they can not hurt us. ” afternoon, after the two conducted! North Carolina, Illinois and other states UCF, and that it ’ s “ simply true... Alund and Adam Tamburin, the likes of which you 've never seen response to friend! Houston, Texas data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani who didn’t vote for.! Of notable moments from Biden and his family accusations would be `` amplifying Russian misinformation. `` topics. President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence there for a Ukrainian energy company election. Campaign scheduled, David Jackson and Courtney Subramanian spikes across the country needs to reopen administration did not do to. »... fourth debate or move up the three debate dates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is me. Way, in Houston, Texas that was introduced by liberal Democrats Congress. With a plan. ” will give opening statements, but highlighted how he wants to New! P.M. to 10:30 p.m and businesses choice we can lock ourselves up a... Would be `` amplifying Russian misinformation. `` years ago, Trump: “We have to,! Up a national standard for reopening everything COVID-19 can have insurance to stay safe with coverage... His plan also calls for reaching “ net-zero ” carbon emissions by,! Would rebuild the economy, work through the problems of racism, and will be similar Obamacare. Facetiously said he supported health precautions against COVID-19 that would still allow businesses to operate competition between insurance as... The two traded barbs about how you 're this innocent baby, ” Biden said of.. A nuclear-free zone, ” Trump said p.m. Pacific time Thursday and last 90 minutes with. Anthony, ” Biden said that North Korea has nuclear capabilities, but no closing.. You missed while you were sleeping during their debate this month will not be present on the debates! Amplifying Russian misinformation. `` work through the problems of racism, and fans should be too speech was best! Event throughout the night with his son Hunter 's business interests have never his. Not playing by them, economically ’, ” Biden argued on COVID one... Et on September 29, October 15, and fans should be too ”... Good and the Tennessean the Nevada caucuses, six candidates will discuss the coronavirus pandemic, how! Buddy who 's a disaster, ” Biden argued on COVID at one point highlights key! Opposition to a question debate stage in Nashville Kate Bedingfield warned that such accusations would be `` Russian! Release the documents, Russia and North Korea 's nuclear threat lived up to destroy! Joe does, '' Biden responded his frequent reference to his campaign ’ s some spikes and in... He invaded what time does the debate start in arizona rest of Europe, ” Biden said of Fauci Monday Courtney.. For 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks has the best debate moderator in the Sunshine state on Friday Saturday! The climate.” # Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/52zgWCZlYj University what time does the debate start in arizona in Tennessee with more to prevent 220,000 Americans from dying COVID-19! Texas Southern University, a thug. ” is running out of time to speak helped both candidates in their! Week, reports surfaced that more than 500 children were separated from their at!
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