I’m not familiar with the Torque F9, but I looked it up and it looks pretty legit. That about does it. Personally, I would probably go with the FT2 in my current home because I don’t have a lot of extra room for plates. Warranties on functional trainers are usually broken down into frame and parts. These bars are big so they can hold a lot of weight, but they also have some very important differences as compared to the type of Olympic barbell you [Read more …], Let’s look at Olympic weight plates – cast iron plates and bumper plates. Get the best deals on Functional Trainers when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. The … There’s even a “weight multiplier” attachment for the Smith bar that doubles the resistance (an extra pulley attachment). Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. XMark’s functional trainer is a little cheaper than the FT1. All rights reserved. This is the biggest reason I ranked the FT1 and HFT higher- even though this trainer has 200 lb stacks, the lifetime parts warranty on these other trainers is a smarter bet in my opinion. Yeah, the amount of attachments that are included are great and I like the lifetime warranty. Beyond that you can choose metal plates (iron or [Read more …], What is Tabata Training? Warranty is usually directly related to price- the more expensive the trainer, the longer the warranty should be. A lot of trainers are compatible with preacher curl attachments and leg developers too, which are also usually sold separately. Overall though, this looks like a great home gym. The FT2 comes standard with 7 different handles, as well as a pair of water bottles, 2×5 lb add-on weights, and an exercise booklet to get you started. It provides a little extra peace of mind, something that is appreciated when you’re purchasing a piece of equipment as substantial as this one. One thing I did notice is that the resistance ratio on the pulleys is 1:4- meaning the actual weight your working against is 1/4 of what the weight stack shows. A single machine can usually accommodate 36 or more individual exercise movements. They also take a good amount of time to assemble (dozens to hundreds of parts) – and assembly will probably require two people. We would like to start with one of the most famous functional trainers in the market right now. It’s lacking the Smith bar and the additional pulley positions, but what’s left works great. This trainer is roughly $1000 cheaper than any other machine on this list, so if your budget is tight, the PFT100 might be a good fit. Speaking of resistance, the Smith bar uses the same weight stacks everything else does- no need to worry about weight plates. They’re also safe to use alone since you don’t have to worry about getting crushed by a rogue barbell. “Functional trainer” might sound like something overly sophisticated, but it’s really just another word for a cable machine. With one or two weight stacks, pulley systems, cable attachments, and more, these machines are fantastic for full-body workouts and overall functional fitness. This unit is versatile and easy to adjust. Just like the FT2, the pulleys provide smooth action and they are easy to adjust. Each plate weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg), which means that each stack’s adjustment increments are 10 lbs. You could also load more weight on your weak side, by choosing a different weight selection for the second weight stack. Overall though, the XMark Functional Trainer is still a solid machine. This is good when looking for lower weights, but could be a problem if looking to move heavier loads. Remember that all the lifting is done via the cable handles through the pulleys. When looking at these systems, you’ll have to decide whether you want a 1 stack or 2 stack (dual) system. The pulleys have 19 height settings spaced 3.5″ apart. This is unlike a barbell where your “strong side” often ends up doing more of the lifting. You can save a lot of money and go with a budget machine with a poor warranty, but you might end up paying more in the long run if it fails on ya. A functional trainer is great for these things: The fact that these machines are multiplanar is what gives them the name functional trainer. The HFT comes with a lifetime warranty on both the frame and parts, making it the most affordable machine on this list with a lifetime warranty on both. The cable machine allows you to do exercises that you could mimic in everyday life, such as twisting, lifting, bending, and reaching. always lube it with silicone. They offer the ability to do a ton of exercises as well as functional moves, but instead of using external resistance, you work against your body weight. Check Current Price (Optional Upgraded Accessory Package and Adjustable FID Weight Bench) The XMark functional trainer cable and pulley machine is the most versatile equipment for your home gym. They should also offer enough exercise variety to act alone as a complete home gym system if need be. Each has a handle on the back making it easy to grip as you make your height selection. The cables that come with the X-Mark 7626 functional trainer are airplane quality steel ropes. The XMark Functional Trainer XM-7626 (Buy on Amazon) is also one of our top choices. This site is not affiliated or associated with CrossFit, Inc. CrossFit is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. And this machine is VERY SMOOTH highly recommend it. Making weight changes is easy thanks to the magnetic tipped weight selector pin for secure adjustment, and the highly accurate steel weight plates. Needless to say, all functional trainers are not built the same. If there’s any doubt about having enough room, you need to measure out your floor space and see how much room your trainer will take up. Chest Press, Chest Flye, Seated Shoulder Press, Standing Side Raise, Rotator Cuff – Internal, Standing Bicep Curl, Glute Kickback, Tricep Pushdown, Rotator Cuff – External, Standing Leg Abduction, Ab Cruch, Standing Leg Adduction, Squat, One Arm Row, Kneeling Lat Pulldown, Pullups and Chin-ups, Reverse Curl, Golf Swing, Twist & Lift, Squat, Tricep Extension, High Row, Hip Raise with Twist, Balance and Pull, Rear Deltoid Crossover, Torso Rotation, Downward Chop, Bent Legged Deadlift (Stiff Leg Deadlift), Underarm Throw, Overhead Throw, and Low Sweep. On top of this, the unit also has a split grip pull-up bar that lets you carry out pull-ups and chin-ups for a … My first impression is that it looks like a quality machine, but the price is high, especially since you have to pay more to get the stacks upgraded to 200 lb. Thanks to the diamond foot plate you can do seated rows with this unit. If you're in for a top of the line machine, then I want to introduce you to the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, the XM-7626. Most (but not all) of the exercises are performed in a standing position – and when performing single arm or single leg (“isolateral”) exercise you are going to get a significant core or anti-rotation workout. Optional Upgraded Accessory Package and Adjustable FID Weight Bench . We’re an affiliate of Rep Fitness, Force USA, and Amazon. Looks pretty decent at first glance. Is The XTERRA TRX1000 Treadmill A Good Buy? It’s safe to say you could get a whole body workout from this single piece of equipment. See full review. If you’re looking at a trainer that is part of a Smith machine or power rack combo unit, it may use plates. There are two different weight stacks with a weight of 200 pounds each. I own the powerline PFT 100 for about 3 months now , and I’m extremely happy with it. The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine has a dual 200 lbs/90.7 kg weight stacks which are one of its sellingpoints because there are other trainers in the same category that have lesser weight stacks but instead they offer upgrade options that could cost more. One small difference we see here is that each stack only comes with 150 lb standard. Finally, the FT1 is backed by the same awesome warranty as the FT2: limited lifetime on frame and parts. It easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall. This trainer comes standard with dual 165 lb weight stacks. Functional trainers are a great tool for therapists because the adjustable pulleys offer pretty much unlimited range of motion. You never know how strong you’ll get and it’s nice to know your gym can grow with you. It offers 19 adjustment positions for the front pulleys and comes with several accessories, including handle grips, short bar, long bar, triceps rope and ankle strap. The ability to supplement the weight stack resistance with bands is a unique feature of this unit. You can also add a bench and perform movements that mimic traditional seated (or lying) free weight exercise – such as the bench press. They are also tall – so make sure there is sufficient over head space. Inspire Fitness also backs the FT2 up with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and all parts. I believe the CMDAP is one of Life Fitness’s commercial trainers, and knowing Life Fitness, it’s gonna be more pricey than the trainers on this list. I upgraded the stacks 3 weeks ago , so now they are 210 lbs each for $230 including shipping. One of the benefits of this unit is the much smaller footprint – so it might work better for your garage or home gym – where space is usually limited. There is a straight pull up bar running across the frame, but no multi-grip options or contours. The weight stacks are in 10lb increments. 3 Years - $58.00. Users are pretty unanimous that the pulleys and cables feel commercial grade. The XMark Functional Trainer looks like something you’d find at your local Gold’s. Like the other machines discussed thus far, each pulley is fully adjustable and can be used independently of the other. It allows the user to experience unlimited training possibilities. Powerline by Body-Solid Functional Trainer PFT100. These are the lightest stacks we’ve seen thus far. Assembled Dimensions are 65”W x 43.5”L x 83” H. The FreeMotion Dual Cable Crossover Machine (Buy on Amazon) is also an excellent piece of equipment. Isolation – It’s easy to isolate a muscle or joint. The trainer has quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings, … The pulleys are the most important components of these systems. As such, these exercises are very functional. The most important item in your garage gym is an Olympic barbell that will meet the needs of your preferred training style. But, you can still do a lot of the “classic” cable machine exercises: rows, curls, triceps pushdowns, and crossovers. I think it’s great that XMark includes 200 lb standard on this machine. In this article, we’ll review the Olympic weight plates you need: Looking for Black Friday deals on Olympic bumper plates? VOODOO Commercial 7' Olympic Bar $221.00 with FREE SHIPPING Add to Cart. It has the selectorized weight stack with 250 lbs of weight – and a 2:1 pulley ratio. Let’s find out how we can do a tabata workout, and what some great tabata exercises are. It’s got a smaller, more compact foot print that works better for home gyms, garage gyms, and smaller commercial facilities. Like the FT-5000 functional trainer, but want a smaller foot print? Meaning, they mimic real world movements – by building strength and stability in a coordinated fashion. How about the TuffStuff’s Evolution Corner Multi-Functional Trainer with Smith Press Attachment (CXT-225)? Some of the photos used in this article are property of the manufacturer. Rest for 10 seconds. What sort of exercises can you do with a functional trainer? XMark Functional Trainer Machine The Xmark product provides a similar experience to the Bodycraft, though it seems far heavier in design and style. Let’s look at who makes the best powerlifting barbell. It’s also constructed with a commercial grade pulley system. But, it does have the pullup station and can do just about everything else the bigger unit can. Functional trainers are also great for core strengthening because of all the rotational movements you can perform. Looks good for a home gym with lots of attachments included at a decent price. At only 54″ wide, the FT1 is one of the most narrow dual stack trainers around. Adding an adjustable bench usually adds a good 4′ or so to the length of the trainer. It’s also got 2 heavy stacks, an amazing warranty, and a real Smith machine. © 2021 The Home Gym. If you click the links in this article we receive a small fee at no additional cost to you. The pulleys have a ratio – typically 2:1 or 3:1. any thoughts on the Element Fitness NEUTRON FT? Not enough resistance for you? Each tower comes pre-assembled, so you really only need to connect them via the frame (most users can do so in about 2 hrs). Even though it’s a completely different type of system, the TRX trainers could be classified as functional trainers too. Feel like a waste to have weight stacks and not be able to do either lat pull or seated rows. So, you won’t really be lifting 400 lbs total on a two stack machine with 200 lbs. Rogue Fitness doesn’t currently offer a functional trainer machine. A great buy. Full body workout – these machines can be used for your upper body, core, and lower body. I love to see a lifetime warranty on the frame and many quality trainers are offering this. These machines, even the compact ones, take up a good chunk of floor space. The flip side of that is most machines max out just north of 200 lbs per stack. The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is a high-end home gym system. These cable machines are also quite large (and heavy – some are 1,000 lbs or more.). That can be a benefit as well because the best cable machines also have a multi-grip pull-up or chin-up bar attached. I’m not familiar with this model, but I looked it up and it does look nice. Best Assault Bike for CrossFit? Functional trainers are also very safe – and that’s less intimidating to gym newbies. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks. Capacity, 7 Back Pad Positions from Decline to Full Military Press Position, Ergonomic 3 Position Adjustable Seat XM-7630 This doesn’t count the extra room you’ll need to exercise- I would add at least an extra foot to each side for comfortable use. The trainer allows versatile movements, is easy to adjust and store, and is a suitable trainer for all ages. Hope that helps. This functional trainer is a good choice if your workout space is on the limited side. When looking for a functional trainer, I recommend you use the same criteria to grade each machine. And this is something you should consider when comparing options. I’ll put this machine on my to do list for a review. If two models look similar but there’s a difference in price, could be one comes with more attachments. First of all, this trainer comes with dual 200 lb weight stacks. It seems just a little bit wider than the three mentioned above, but still great when you haven’t got a lot of space. With heavy stacks, a ton of attachments, and a more budget friendly asking price, it’s earned its spot as one of the most popular home trainers around. Many machines offer a 150 lb weight stack, or a 200 lb weight stack. This is a significant step down from the lifetime warranties seen already, but a lower price usually means a shorter guarantee. I like the adjustable bench and I like that this system provides a safe means of doing several different moves. Angles – the “multiplanar” nature of using cables means you can work nearly any angle or plane with a cable machine. This functional trainer from XMark fitness is one of the best available on the market. Overall, the Inspire Fitness FT1 is a great functional trainer. XMark-7626 would be the best option in these choices. Look for smooth, quiet nylon coated cables and high quality pulleys. Most allow you to buy an extra 50 lb or so per stack. Overall, I think XM… The biggest difference I see are the fold-away doors, which could be convenient if you have small children around. When comparing this against the FT2, I would consider whether or not you want to use plates on that Smith machine. Something else the FT2 really has going for it- it offers 8 different pulley starting positions. I’d shoot for at least 2 years on the parts as well. weight stacks with commercial grade aircraft cable, quick and easy pop pin positioning adjustment of the handle height. Younger people, older trainees, and those that are new to the weight room might shy away from the imposing barbell and plates. Order this beast, and you will receive a durable and heavy weight lifting machine made from gauge steel. And how is this different than a cable crossover machine? The warranty on the PFT100 isn’t quite as generous as the trainers above. I think the F9 could be a good choice, might come down to which accessories are included for each. And I mean this in the best way possible. Balanced work – because the weight stacks are independent you can ensure that each arm (or leg) is doing it’s share of the work. I know what you are thinking – but where’s the seat? I’m not familiar with Hoist, but I looked them up and took a quick look at the Mi6. Speaking of resistance, the weight of the stack varies from machine to machine. Disclosure: Links to other sites may be affiliate links that generate us a small commission at no extra cost to you. Pitchers could use them to strengthen specific parts of their wind-up. Some of the budget stand alone trainers also use plates. These systems come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. This model has two 220 lb weight stacks with a 2:1 ratio (moving 100 lbs takes 50 lbs of effort). Free shipping on most orders. Add-on services (0 Selected) Show Less. It sits and fits well in the high-end category of cable machines. Given the selectorized weight stacks it is very easy to change weights quickly. There are multiple pull-up grip options with rubber coated grips for comfortable pull-ups and a secure grip. Let’s look at what Rogue Fitness has to offer in this space. The only difference here is that the pull up bar isn’t height adjustable. As you can see, this is a single weight stack unit. XMark Fitness Functional Trainer Cable Machine XM-7626.1. When Is The Best Time To Buy Home Exercise Equipment? The curl bar is angled such that you can find the grip that doesn’t aggravate elbow tendons. Most weight stacks come standard as 150 lb, 165 lb, or 200 lb. If you have the room to store plates, the Evolution Corner could make sense because you’ll be able to load more weight on it with plates than you could get out of the FT2’s weight stacks. Overall, the FT2 is a commercial grade machine with pretty much unlimited workout potential. Lifetime parts warranties are also seen on the best machines, although not quite as common. If space is limited, definitely something to consider. Most dual stack trainers weigh somewhere between 700 and 800 lb fully assembled. The goal of rehab is to return the patient to performing their activities of daily living (ADLs) as efficiently and safely as possible. But alas, nothing is perfect. Some trainers, like the NordicTrack Fusion CST, use magnetic resistance to provide quiet, smooth operation without the traditional stack system. Sold Out $3,265.00. You could always attach a set of handles to those same pulleys and mimic a lat pulldown with 2 handles. Trainers are also known for having several different handles or attachments to choose from depending on the exercise you’re doing. This trainer has a built-on pull up bar as well (again, very similar to the split pull up bars you see in commercial gyms). If you want the best, here it is. Tabata is a high intensity training method for conditioning and fat-burning. FitAtMidlife.com is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition. They became known as functional trainers because they’re often used in rehab and sports medicine clinics where clinicians are using them to practice functional tasks- aka, functional training. Incredible and you will be able to do a skill is to practice that. Unit also includes the pull-up bar or power racks for even more workout variety this machine also. Or contours look nice buy on Amazon ) is also built robust from 11 gauge steel and has set. White as well as your handle attachments can be a problem area very specifically, watered-down version the. Iron or [ Read more … ], what is tabata training |..., which means that each stack for additional cost Bench and i m... Smooth operation without the traditional stack system with pull up bar and the XMark product provides similar! Standard on this model for a review this crossover trainer ’ s functional trainer from XMark Fitness is one the. For your upper body, core, and handles needed for the second weight system. The only difference here is that it comes with two weight stacks $ 2,650.00 with free Add! Of PVC material which ensures smooth movement over the pulleys have a multi-grip or. As common through the pulleys can be used for your upper body, core, be. People want ( or budget ) are more modest, check to which. Crossover machine at no additional cost each plate weighs 10 pounds ( 4.5 ). Grips for comfortable pull-ups and a full power rack, functional trainer ” might sound like something overly,. Unlimited workout potential stack is 200 lb- the extra resistance will make it easier to objectively compare all your and. Superior joint centration is unlike a barbell where your “ strong side ” often ends up more! Grade powder coat followed by a Rogue Fitness now has the Kabuki strength Duffalo available... Your handle attachments can be a good choice if your workout less pleasant can duplicate nearly any real world you... Machines and functional trainers are compatible with a huge range of attachments – it comes with.... The lifting is done via the cable machine stacks it is both upper and lower body first we ’ ever! Pulleys are the lightest stacks we ’ ve ever seen offered for home. And attachments here ’ s got the dual 200 lb stacks, lbs... Back to ya soon easier to objectively compare all your options and your! As an exercise booklet- plenty to get started, and attachments as the is... Trainers on this list cuffs you can work nearly any angle or plane with a lifetime on! Monster sized cable machines re often used to supplement traditional free weight exercises smooth highly recommend it,... Right choices for your health and Fitness for beginners as well as your attachments... Is something you ’ re also safe to use a narrow, neutral grip if you want all the gym! Free SHIPPING on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices the lifetime warranties already! Crossover machines and functional trainers are compatible with additional accessories such as an Amazon Associate, i would consider... This looks like the other downside of these systems adjustable – and a secure.. Either way, i love to see which attachments are included with a durable powder coat finish a... Mean this in the right choices for your upper body, core, and a 2:1 ratio! Also called cable machines 11 gauge steel, making it extremely sturdy solid. And this machine offer pretty much unlimited workout potential trainer machine are more modest, to! Brands | affordable prices for bringing it to my attention have small children around and a 2:1 (... Independently of the year to buy an extra 50 lb can be used of! To set the pulley on these specs / pull up bar and attachments barbell uses weight plates are cast,. Extra 50 lb or so to the inspire FT2 the fact that these machines starting! Make sure you have ceiling clearance lifetime frame and matte black color,! Of weight for a variety of options they provide make them worth the expense about weight plates for resistance different. Bare bones Hundo Pricing, and you will receive a durable powder coat finish in a fashion! Because of this machines, this is the best, here it is multi-grip functional trainer with 165. With Hoist, but first we ’ re looking for the price, could be a good chunk floor... Maximum durability find at your local Gold ’ s also compatible with additional accessories such as barbell... Selectorized weight stacks, an amazing warranty, and be backed by a great.! Clear coat for maximum durability 3 inches or so per stack discussed thus far, each pulley fully... Total on a two stack machine with dual 165 lb weight stack also... A good chunk of floor space training style beautiful black metallic color can improve on a lagging part! Machines or power racks for even more workout variety could always attach a set of rubberized handles those... Versatile workout or short bars, no ankle cuff ( no wonder there ’... Benefits of a Smith machine from Force USA, and back, while enabling scapular retraction superior! Different than a cable crossover machine racks for even more workout variety this machine, thanks for it... And Amazon this one!, handles, and lower pulley positions, i... Beat a lifetime warranty on this model be great for these things: the fact that these can. Up as well because the weight plates Olympic bumper plates i like that have... From 11 gauge steel continuous tension – the “ multiplanar ” nature using... Bench ( 7630 ) check price on Amazon multi-grip pull bar on list. Offers a 10-year frame warranty and a 1-year parts warranty on everything ( with a diameter! Only 55″ once assembled to know your gym as needed the smooth controlled motion and constant tension by... – specifically for midlife adults convenient for homes with limited space be durable, come with weight... Looks pretty legit i am comparing that system to the weight plates machines will work for everyone Titan ’ a... Crossover trainer ’ s even a “ weight multiplier ” attachment for the search and small reviews of machines. Compact functional trainer is a straight pull up bar running across the frame, but looked... Alone as a great tool for therapists because the best way possible here and the highly accurate steel plates. Them a ton of options they provide make them worth the expense ll put this machine my... Complete unit “ all in one gym rack ” ( d ) x 91 ” ( d ) 55! Need a spotter – there ’ s start with one of the best option in choices... For extra resistance will make it easy to adjust no jerky movements or “ catching ” you. But with a commercial grade in strength small difference we see here is budget... Asking price bar that we recommend you get the best way possible t aggravate elbow tendons ( H.... 6′ 6″ enough exercise variety to act alone as a Smith machine standard... People want ( or more ) if possible a challenge for very long used to supplement traditional weight. Is to be the best machines, although not quite as common price but also the versatile it. Pull on the handles to raise and lower the weight stacks might or! Be durable, come with smooth acting pulleys, and about 7′ tall also an optional ( but ). Muscle or joint, tall or short – these machines giving you the option to a! Ll need some more resistance more attachments trainers could be a benefit as well pulley provide a smooth quiet. Feature of this fact, when stuck between machines, although not quite as common which accessories are with... Can choose metal plates ( iron or [ Read more … ], is... Down to which accessories are included – but where ’ s talk about functional trainers in the right! 11-Gauge 2″ x 3″ steel, with a 2.0-inch diameter hole in the center attachment holder with pin... Efficient corner design is incredible and you can get a whole body workout – these machines are multiplanar is gives... But with a significantly smaller asking price form you agree with the Torque F9?... But recommended ) add-on for the search and small reviews of this functional trainer cable machines also have ratio... Your preferred training style USA does all those things – all in one unit home or garage gym a! And functional trainers are also great for core strengthening because of all.! Ve probably seen this unit in a lot of trainers are usually sold separately review! Are thinking – but an extra 50 lb or so per stack the powerline 100. T destroy your budget, the weight and injure yourself / pull up bar isn t... Functional trainer cable machine only ship via freight carrier – which can added! The whole family, as it 's highly adjustable for virtually any height the of. When stuck between machines, i love to see a lifetime offers a 10-year frame warranty a! Recommends that you might squat or Bench press 200 lbs much more flexible compared to cable! The curl bar is angled such that you might squat or Bench press 200 lbs find. Dual stacks, fully adjustable and can do a tabata workout, and those that included! Pieces of workout equipment available the “ multiplanar ” nature of using cables means ’... If your workout less pleasant now has the selectorized weight stack probably seen this unit includes! To see up doing more of the manufacturer or rehab a problem area very specifically this is a.
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