I don't know who user #1 is (maybe installer?) Using the Yale Assure Lock app, manage access to your home right from your smart phone and experience the ultimate convenience of locking and unlocking your home with just a tap. Thanks! Any suggestions? First, you will need to install the Yale Real Living Z-wave deadbolt in the door. Ask the Experts. Secure cabinets or drawers storing medicines, cleaning supplies or important documents. The keyless Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL links to your Ring Alarm Security Kit via Z-Wave and seamlessly integrates with your Ring devices. then PINs that I entered would work and stop working once I turned off zwave control at the panel (as if the zwave could not tell the difference between its pushed down PIN and an identical PIN programmed to a user on the lock). With that being said you would have to purchase additional keypads that come with the lyric. Changing to a different lock is not an option as I do not wish to purchase new keysets due to the costs. After the lock is properly installed the first step is to "include" the lock into the Lynx Touch alarm panel. You can also configure the lock so that each time it is locked it will arm your Lynx Touch system. I found these instructions to be a little off. I'm pretty sure that the master code was disarming the panel too. This can be confusing but it is important to note that User #s and PIN #s are not the same thing. Bring your lock close to the Z-Wave hub, and activate its inclusion function. To add a user code to a keyless smart door lock please refer to the steps below. Campus COVID Resource Line. Check out our plans if you are interested: https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring, Correct. On this lock, i can transfer the user codes via bluetooth and manage it that way. I used to be able to do this on my 2gig with alam.com interface. Initially, I set matching PINs on both the lock and the Lynx and found my codes working then not working then working. Ok, I ended up getting the Yale Real Living Assure deadbolt for the front door. Yes, you can use the Lyric or LYNX Touch to integrate with Z-Wave locks and manage the lock codes through the panel's Users screen. That added to my confusion in the article. Then press "include devices." However Lynx Touch panels have a feature called "Auto-Stay" mode that is enabled by default. Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, Satin Nickel 4.3 out of … Are the modules interchangeable? I hit the "add device" function on the honeywell. All my doors/windows are hard wired to the control box. By subscribing I give my consent to receive AlarmGrid e-mails about Which is a better system? I had to order the module from yale though. Touch the Yale logo to begin. If you want that specific code to disarm the alarm system when used to unlock the door you can change "Z-Wave Unlocking Door" to "Disarm." For assistance with the installation, please contact Yale Support at: I responded to this on the other page you posted the same question - https://www.alarmgrid.com/faq/how-do-i-enter-programming-on-a-6160-keypad. By doing this, it will automatically send this PIN to the lock and be configured with locking control. The problem is when I press 4 1 1 2 8 0 0 (Keypad accepts only 6 digits, You will be guided to set up the Master Passcode by following the audio instructions on the lock. Once the Yale Assure lock has been physically installed, the fun begins. Smart locks including the Nest x Yale Lock, Assure Lock with Wi-Fi and Assure Lever. You cant use hard wired keypads or life safety devices with a self contained system. Need your help. Concerned that the lock was telling me to use codes 1-250, i thought the lock might not be happy if I don't use user#1, so I did, but did not enter that code into the 5100. My dilemma, was I 1st had all the codes entered manually into both devices (even using the same user numbers on each device for simplicity. Then again, the whole unlock/disarm when the panel glitched out (before I can enter a code) was equally confusing. On my 5100, I think the master is user #2. Some locks with key chambers can be flipped open with a paper clip (see youtube). If the lock is not yet installed, it may hand itself wrongly. When the lock is ready to be paired go into the "Automation" menu from the home screen. Download Installation and programming instructions of Yale YRD216 Locks for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. If you do not have it you will need to install it before moving forward. My Keyless Connected will not lock after entering and shutting the door; How do I fit a handling plate? Anything that's wired to the system will not work with the Lyric system. If I lock it again from the app everything works even though the door has been locked the whole time. Instinctively, you press your hand on the pad to wake it again. The only thing we can use with the 5800 Converter is the doors, windows and motions. I preferred the 2gig and alarm.com in my previous house vs the Tuxedo Touch. The person that helped me was Sandy.Colquitt@assaabloy.com If I reboot and press * and #, It says “Busy-StandBy” and says “Disarmed, I have changed installer code to new, but the old and new both, are active. So, let's say you have Tuxedo Touch in a house that is pre-wired for sensors on the doors, etc. You will need to have the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE module. What alarm system or Z-Wave controller are you trying to connect the lock to? To my surprise, it unlocked the lock AND disarmed the panel. I have replaced Old Ademco 15P with new Ademco 15p due to false alarm. No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $10 a month! I cannot guarantee that the code will work for all types of locks out there, but give it a try. I did this a few times.. No, you actually have to put the Tuxedo in inclusion mode and then hit the function button on the lock to enroll it to the Tuxedo. At 1st that was disturbing, because I didn't know the zwave was pushing them down. There are two ways to skin the cat here. The Yale safe can be used to store valuable personal documents and is ideal for businesses that need to store large amounts of cash. For questions regarding lock installation, programming, and quality contact Yale at 1-800-810-WIRE (9473) . Whether you have a L5100, L5200, L5210 or L7000 they all work the same way. Now you can create new user codes by pressing "add new" along the bottom. It happens when you wake the panel up on a locked door and begin to type in a code. The Connected by August Module will allow you to lock/unlock, share access and see who comes and goes all from your August app. When you first install and set up your Google Nest × Yale Lock, you’ll be asked to create a Master Passcode on the lock itself. Have you experienced otherwise? All wireless systems are self contained. However you can keep the Veralite enrolled as the primary controller and continue to use both controllers. Have you checked the user codes in programming and verified that the "lock control" setting is set to no? Updated *IMPORTANT* To program codes to your Yale lock, you must know your Master Code. After resetting the lock to factory settings I then registered the lock with a new master code only. Replacement Locks and Connected by August Kits come with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, so you'll be able to do it … Programming Instructions Touch Yale logo to wake lock. The lock didn't seem to like to have the PINs used in the Lynx programmed also programmed to the lock directly and apparently, the 5100 will push the codes over for any user with "zwave lock control set to "yes". I took out the Zwave module. Programming begins on the lock itself using the backlit capacitive touch keypad. I'm not sure what the model number is, i just bought it off of amazon a few days ago. I have a veralite z-wave controller that I can add/delete codes for my kwikset 910 remotely which is great for my vacation rental. No. How to remove the old 4112. Did you notice we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring? It sounds like some of these locks are sold without the Z-Wave module and therefore don't integrate with a Z-Wave controller. User 1 is in the installer and User 2 is the master code. I did this because of the bug with the User #2 (master) not working to disarm the system when opening the door lock. The lock will sound with the voice greeting “Welcome to Yale Real Living” and is ready for programming. Does this have any negative effect on the lock? Will that allow me to add/delete/manage users and door codes? If you would like assistance with this we are available by the phone number listed on the website. The only Zwave choice is wrong for Bluetooth. Press the down key followed by Tools. I have more than one smart lock connected to my home app. Regards! BRL I have the same problem with my Assure lock... number 7 won't appear. : You could use the Honeywell 5800C2W (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-5800c2w ) or 2GIG TAKE-345 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/2gig-take-345 ) module to convert existing wired zones into wireless zones that would work with the 2GIG all-in-one wireless systems. Program Master Code and User Codes..... page 4 page 5 page 7 page 3 page 4 page 5 Important! Give it a about 30 seconds to initiate the pairing mode. If so, which system and Z-Wave controller are you using? The Google Nest × Yale Lock can be installed on most standard doors. Hi WikiM, Even after excluding the door lock from the alarm system the user codes will remain. After the lock is paired it is time to program codes (termed PINs by Yale). I have had to reset my Yale lock several times in the last month or so. Which Z-Wave controller are you trying to enroll the lock with? It sounds like you should exclude the lock. Are you trying to enroll the lock to a Honeywell security system utilizing a Z-Wave controller? Thanks. I didn't add any users to the lock after the reset. I would delete and delete on the lock, but the number continued to work. I am curious though, what system are you using your Tuxedo Touch with? Yale Locks & Hardware has provided dependable security since 1840 and offers a broad continuum of door hardware and locks including an extensive range residential hardware. They sent me a RMA # to return the module Amazon sent me, and gave me a $50 credit on my credit card, and sent the Assure Z-Wave Module for Bluetooth. I have also ordered from amazone, but I believe I have the wrong module. If you plan to use this feature while people are still in the protected space you will want to select Stay. Once installation is complete, download the Nest App to add the lock to your Nest account. You would need to press and hold that button until the lock beeps twice after putting the Tuxedo into inclusion mode. Unlock what’s next in security with nexTouch ™ commercial keypad door locks from Yale ®.The nexTouch keyless electronic door lock combines a modern look with durability that is perfect for your multi-family property, small business office space, retail space, hotel, airport, restroom, or mixed-use commercial building. I contacted Yale support. Plus door levers, knob and handlesets in a variety of finishes to match your existing door hardware. last digit “2”) Since you will be arming from outside your home we recommend choosing "Arm without Auto-Stay." It is working. Set Master PIN Code. The lock gives me the option of using 1-250 I think (with Zwave). However, your door needs to meet certain size requirements. Yale. How do I program codes to Yale Real Living ZWAVE lock. For example, I setup the master PIN to match user #3 on the panel. In programming, I wnet back and deleted some of the users on the lock fully expecting them to not be active, but since they were in the Z-wave they continued to work on the lock. After typing in the 4 digit code, toggle the "Zwave Lock Control" setting to Yes. You will be guided to set up the Master Passcode by following the audio instructions on the lock. During installation you will connect the cable from the outer keypad to the inner door lock. the latest products, and offers. Available in multiple styles and finishes, these smart locks provide a privacy mode for added security and allow you to control access privileges for users. Now you can toggle the locking door selection to Arm Away, Arm Stay or Arm without auto-stay. Further, what about the Lyric? With over 150 years of door hardware experience, Yale's expertise extends beyond Free shipping and new low cost options available. Then include the lock into the system. If you have already setup other access pins on the lock you will want to manually delete them or just default the lock. It wakes up as you expect, but it immediately unlocks/disarms!!! Yale nexTouch keyless electronic door locks combine a modern look with durability that is perfect for your multi-family or mixed-use property, small business, office, retail space, restroom, or other commercial building application. If you try the Installer Code + 800 sequence, only one four digit code should work. Enrolling the iM1 Network Module: The Yale iM1 Network Module must be used with a Yale Assure Lock or Yale nexTouch Lock and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Yale Network Module. This will allow them to operate throughout the premise with the perimeter doors, windows and glass breaks active. Once the Nest x Yale Lock is paired with the Nest app, 20 passcodes will be available for use. Features: - Lock and unlock your home by twisting your phone 90-degrees and tapping the keypad or by using your unique 4-8 digit pin code. I'm in the process of mailing mine back for an exchange now. But I thought I had to get the door lock in Enrollment mode before I connected to the Honeywell (?). You can include your Yale Z-Wave Lock by first clearing it from the network. After you have the master pin setup you will want to setup other PINs at the Honeywell Lynx Touch alarm system. At about this point I figured out that the zwave was pushing down the codes so quickly decided to reset lock to factory settings and start over without adding any codes (other than a required master) to the lock and it worked fine. I'm told I can on the Lynx. I have Honeywell tuxedo touch and use TC 2.0 app. So basically Amazon just lists the wrong Z-Wave add-on (or sends the wrong one) when buying the Bluetooth lock that's listed as Z-Wave? Can my Keyless ‘non-connected’ Smart Lock link to my alarm system? Yale Real Living locks are backed with nearly 200 years of security experience. I purchased the 5200L for our home monitoring and have been adding z-wave lights and switches. • PIN codes can be 4 to 8 digits in length. We recommend the Yale YRD210 or YRD220. You can manually enter pins into the Yale door lock if you do not want to send all of your codes from the panel to the lock. I believe you can still add additional pins to the lock if needed that aren't going to disarm, but for any PINs you want to disarm, just push them over from the panel. Thanks for your help- I contacted Yale and they said i have the wrong module. First, you will need to install the Yale Real Living Z-wave deadbolt in the door. 1 Lock Platform, 3 Technologies. If you aren't under contract now, it would be easy to switch to us if you were interested. The module choices don't show up online when you purchase, so i'm not sure how anyone would know what to order. Without setting this to a user code in the user menu, the matching PIN should not be able to disarm the alarm system. Just select the type, interface, and finish. I have not added other arbitrary codes to the lock user #1, but it seems like lock programmed user 1 might be able to disarm the panel regardless. How to Factory Reset Yale YRD226, YRD216 and YRD256 Deadbolts. I then simply went to my 5100 panel and Tool>users>edit with zwave lock control to Yes and Z-wave Unlocking door to "disarm". If I press 1 2 3 4 8 0 2, again the keypad does not accept the The sequence to program a Yale Real Living digital deadbolt is straightforward: Enter your master PIN number of four to eight digits and then press the # key. Choosing the right lock is easy! We offer some affordable no contract options that include the TC2 automation services for remote access to those locks. Touch the keypad with the palm of your hand, then enter the master code followed by the ‘#’Select the ‘2’ button followed by... Click here to find out more. The disadvantage associated with resetting of locks is the time and energy one has to spend re-programming the lock. When you’ve lost your phone, or moved into a home with an existing Yale Smart Lock on the door. If you like the smartapp(s), please support the developer. If you want this feature enabled you will need to go back into the Automation menu: Down Key > Advanced Tools > Enter Installer or Master Code (4112 and 1234 by default) > Locking Door. LYNX Touch Wireless Home Security System and Alarm Control Panel, Wireless Home Security System w/ 7-inch Screen. What module did Yale refer for your Asure Lock bluetooth? Can any of the Yale Nightlatches work with the Keyless lock? If it does not include make sure you are within 25 feet and try excluding before including again. Yale Assure Locks now work with the August app! When enabled if an entry/exit door is not opened during the exit countdown the system will automatically change arming from away with motion active to stay mode which disables the motions. I'm going to call support, but its not easily reproducible. Many Yale safes operate with a combination lock, protected by a four-digit combination. Registration No: 2096505. Thanks for the information! They were really easy to work with via email. I have a Honeywell Lynx touch L7000 and a yale real living touch with zwave modules in both devices, the 6 or 8 digits of my users enroled in the lock device works a time, but dont works later, I was enroled this same users in the lynx l7000 but only with 4 digits and work very good, I only can have code users with 4 digits? Thank you for letting us know how Yale/Amazon solved the issue for you and hopefully that helps James as well. It occurred about 5-6 times while testing. Unfortunately this is not possible on the L5200. Well, I have a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Zwave. Just to be clear, you wouldn't be able to fully change a panel user code via the Total Connect 2.0 app and have it update the lock. Hmm we will keep this in mind when we get those Assure models on our site. It was bizzare though that the user 1 code on the lock would disarm the system even though the same pin would not disarm the panel when used on the panel. Before you follow any of the steps in this user guide and begin using your new lock, the Yale Touchscreen deadbolt must be installed onto your door first. I have found that the master code from an L5200 will not work on the yale lock in order to disarm it, only sub users have the ability to do it. Merry Christmas to all! It’s all at your fingertips. The lock on the door is a Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth. Make sure you have it installed in the door when doing so. not the 7th “0") , so I can not get to program mode. What I am doing not right? Then reset your Z-wave controller and re-include it. Place your hand on the keypad to wake the lock up. Unlock the future of smart locks. Once installation is complete, download the Nest App to add the lock to your Nest account.

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