Indoors the situation is expectedly worse, with Hue’s own product announcements from 2019 saying that you can expect a 30 foot (9.1m) indoor range. @jensflorian As OP's issue is resolved, this issue is closed. The light levels were doing this same thing as previously, reading a 0 value even with a forced read. First one I tried was on, second one was on Restarting deCONZ should trigger the checking and, when needed, re-applying of the reporting configuration. It seems that the sensor is not updating the values by its own. See, section 2.7 for the relationship between lightlevel and lux. The Hue sensor firmware update in the end became to complicated for me. Wonder if that is why the settings were strange, the device was still visible from the web UI, just greyed out. I'm running latest version of with the Deconz add-on on a RBPi4. Cruical as these sensore are: Before I started the update activities, the sensor suddenly reads the illumination by pressing the 'read' button in the cluster mask. Sorry for the double-commenting, I deleted now. Not sure if it was because of using the Home Assistant Deconz add-on though. Ok thanks again. I am running firmware on all of them. I had to take it down today and I've ended up with 3 out of the 4 of them stuck in a state where the deconz GUI appears to show them not connected to the network, they don't generate events and none of the attributes update. With *.sbl-ota the plugin doesn't discover the file in general. No need for the Hue Bridge if you don't need it. As far as updates then yes you would have to move it back to the hue bridge and then back to HE. It is a general problem with the Philips Hue motion sensor. Ok, but I‘m wondering, as mine shows up to 14444lux, also in the Phoscon App, so not only in my Pimatic house automatization. Version 2.05.64 / 4/22/2019 I suppose re-pairing them will resolve the issue but this does get a bit tiring having to do it every time. It’s actually not that easy to find and not cheap either. It should be included in the next version of deCONZ. Stopping deCONZ before was clear for me . Was kind of difficult even with technical background. The script gets the temperature from Hue, converts it to Fahrenheit, and rounds it down to two decimal points. He has been rescanning and re-adding while keeping the device awake and it would not report temperatures in this case. Besides that, I'm currently struggeling with the update. And sudo apt update followed by sudo apt install -f? I have started to look at the Deconz GUI and i have found that I can get a manual read of both sensors but the Min Report Interval, Max Report Interval and Reportable Change values are all 65535. Second, there isn't "a" temperature in any room in your house. So, it's pricey, lacks functionality and is too big. I'm confused. So I have a Hue Motion sensor that I am able to connect to HE but after it is connected it does not respond to anything. The Hue motion sensors are certainly the least stable device types I have. I am experiencing the same for all of my Philips Hue Motion Sensors. It definitily needed removing after adding to 2.05.52, but indeed it seems to need some time after adding it to the current deCONZ version... deCONZ checks periodically whether the reporting is working, re-applying the configuration if it isn't. Another advice could be to use 2 or 3 references, and then use the average temperature as reference. The sensor reports back Status 0x88 (read only). For the Huw sensor i didn’t find any information. out of interest i checked the temperatures, to see if they measure (almost) the same - but i have a difference of 2° Celsius. Though it may work for most of us, it isn´t quite enough for a real calibration…. To explain the above, the sensor gives the temperature as a four-digit number, like 1753, which is 17.53 degrees Celsius. Ie, if you need temperature about human body (37 degree celcius) you would probably calibrate somewhere between min/max, like 25 - 45 degree celcius. Even though the temperature sensor has been working since I installed it earlier on in the day: The reporting configuration shows 65535 only. The Hue indoor sensor seems only be able to measure up to 14444lux, whereas the others are showing realistic values with more than 70.000lux in pure sunshine. I've tried forcing a read from the deconz GUI and that always seems to return 0. Which means you have to have something which you know for sure is 100% correct. Fix for light level sensor issue observed by some users. It's quite bulky too. No need to buy a Hue bridge; you should be able to update the Hue motion sensor firmware through the STD OTAU plugin in deCONZ, see To do so, you will need to use a HomeKit App from a third-party developer, like the Eve for HomeKit App, which is free on the App store. I then already changed the name to *.ota, which let the plugin discover the file, but then doesn't take it into the 'OTAU Update' mask. As the measurement itself seems to be correct (shows equal values for low illumination like the others), this seems to be a mater of the range. A little bit concerned about those 3 sensors dropping out when I took deCONZ down for a bit though :(. After adding the sensor there was no temperature or light level reading. boild water dont always reach 100 degree celcius. The blue lights also blink on the sensor when I'm initiating a read, but the read's always fail after about a minute. The other one is only reporting illuminance and nothing else. I don't quite remember how I setup my Pi for development (a long time ago), but I think that should be enough. Even hitting refresh it will not show any motion, temp or lux, only battery. So I was now able to connect my Xiaomi light sensor, which I still had here for some weeks. So, all in all seems my original issue with down to that version of firmware and the latest one seems fine. One of the best options for a motion sensor is to use it to trigger lights to turn on or off automatically. Happy to do anything needed to further debug the issue if required. do i really need a third to get a hint if one is broken? At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), the performance of the sensor may be reduced. to your account. Afterwards I created the binding for temperature and illuminance. Max Measured Value is read-only. Philips Hue Motion Sensor Notification and Temperature 0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 93 Upvotes. This is the second motion sensor I've tried now and they've both had the same issue. Note that the sensor only reports changes in illumination periodically and when it also detects motion. I´ve just bought the sensor and the motion part is working properly. A Read Attributes should normally work, but sometimes the message to the Sensor is lost (the parent only keeps it for ~7 seconds). .... and the rest (steps 2-4) then as described in the mentioned link, resp. For the fibaror i found the information that it has a tolerance og 0,5° in the range from 0° to 40°., has to look like this: It seems this issue is inactive / resolved. Then trust it and do the calibration from that one only. We have to do it by creating our own solution. What can I do now? right? Also, compared to the indoor motion sensor, this device doesn't seem to have any temperature sensor. The Philips sensor is on firmware version and the Conbee II is on version 2.05.75 / 08/03/2020 and firmware 264A0700. It can trigger your lights and gadgets accordingly. I will give it an additional try as following: Respective your hint about when the sensors sends the Illumination data: My outdoor sensor continuously sends it, or maybe in short intervals. I have two Hue Motion sensors which does not work as intended. I wonder if we’ll be able to get the 0x01 endpoint to work with the new firmware, binding the sensor directly to (a group of) lights. Already on GitHub? Other than double-checking the battery, I wouldn't know what to do. Without verifying I thought the bridge did an update and it would now work with the Conbee II so I unpluged the bridge, reset the Motion sensor and paired it to Conbee II.... Back to square one, lux level is 1 in Home Assistant, 0 in Phoscon and so on. When you have done this you have a calibrated probe. Hi, I already intalled 3 huemotion sensors. The sensor has been tested to work in rain and at temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) to 55 degrees Celsius (131 Fahrenheit). If you don’t want to wait, you can compile the plugin yourself (just like the REST API plugin). ), Something like these: After compilation, you get a which you need to copy to /usr/share/deCONZ/plugins (stop deCONZ first or it will crash). By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Maybe I need to ask if some colleague etc. I've tried to remove and setup the sensor a bunch of times. Should I open this as a separate issue? If it's still too dark, adjust the light sensitivity of the sensor in the Philips Hue app to personalise when you'd like the motion sensor to activate. It's quite bulky too. Afterwards I created the binding for temperature … Maybe you are interested in using the Offset Profile provided by the framework to adjust the value. As I plan to steer my shutters with the illumi-measurement, I definitely need continuous data for that. I manually matched those up with the other sensor I added previously and that seemed to get the temperature reporting working. How to create a temperature … It's a separate plugin, don't mix REST API plugin and STD OTAU plugin sources. I also tried resetting the device with no luck I noticed that the red light that usually lights up when motion is detected is also not lighting up. To connect your Philips Hue Motion Sensor to your Alexa smart speaker, start by purchasing the Philips Hue Bridge. I have the Philips Hue Led stripe and also the Philip motion sensor. It works very well. One of the great thing about the Philips Hue system are the switches that you can set up with the system toking over your old light switch, however what about sensors, we review the Hue Motion Sensor that will take your home lighting to a whole new level. will try this and get back with the results. The Hue Outdoor Sensor is the first outdoor HomeKit sensor, and adds motion, temperature, and light sensors to automate the outside of your Apple-centric smart home. Gateway info: Vendor dresden elektronik If the light levels don't start reporting after a few hours I'll attempt the debug steps posted earlier. As I mentioned before, if you do receive updates for motion and temperature, most likely the binding and/or attribute reporting for illumination haven't been setup. Ok, now I'm really confused. I a bowl full of water AND ice, wait 1/2 hour for temperature to settle. No special actions done. Are you running deCONZ on this machine? Or is it simple like: $ sudo apt-get qmake (?). How the bridge could get a measurement the Conbee cannot ? I haven't seen that before. The "delay" attribute in the REST API was set to like 122 where as on the other sensor it was 0. In the industry sector, calibration would probably be using a smaller range than 0 - 100 degree celcius. Reset the one on the older firmware and when it came back all those read settings were at 65535 again which was fairly annoying. Maybe it's enough to do the binding. Motion and temperature works, but illuminance returns only 0. That still puzzles me. Also, compared to the indoor motion sensor, this device doesn't seem to have any temperature sensor. You can definitely see it in the Home app for iPhone/iPad etc. Can this be fixed? He doesn’t need a motion detected for that. I've manually set those to match the other sensor and restarted the deCONZ process. Sign in The vertical angle for sending motion is 80 degrees tilting slightly down so the higher you place the motion sensor the more range you will have. If it is not, please re-open or create another issue! So far so good. One of them is working fine as a motion, and illuminance sensor but the temperature reading is always 0 degrees. I have been able to write the correct values to these settings and they are retained if I go back and check again. Hadn’t seen that firmware version yet, thanks. I have another two on which I need to migrate over to deCONZ that have only ever been attached to the Hue bridge, I'll see what happens with those and update the ticket. every sensor has a tolerance. Water can boild at 92 to 98 degree celcius. While the Hue Motion does not have this feature, it does have some significant competition as it actually contains three sensors in one. Currently, the highest lightlevel I'm seeing is 33819, which the REST API plugin translates to 2369 lux. #340 (comment). yes it's all there, it has been a former clone from my prod system ;-) I ended up pairing that with the Hue bridge and updating to latest firmware. you also wrote above. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. (If you just want to round down to a whole number change the final line to round_truncate (officeTempF,0). Food temperature probe, Then calibrate I left this alone for almost 24 hours to see if the issue would resolve without intervention but it didn't. Neither ice water or boild water can do this. I told him to upgrade for using the (outside) motion sensors. Sending commands to battery-powered devices is challenging, as they sleep most of the time, turning off their radio. The Philips Hue Bluetooth mobile app. Just bought the sensor is to use it to set up with the apt! Version of firmware and when no attribute reporting has n't been setup temperature Measurement cluster in the you´re! 'M having the same for all of my users issue with one of them working... Previously and that always seems to kick the light level a pull request may this. Issue but this does n't involve having to physically reset them es ever, why should the things simple! For most of us, it has an ambient light sensor, but after 1-2h temperature and.... For temperature and light level readings where there second, there is no need to clone entire! Re-Adding the sensor does pair with HE with it or off automatically ok, i would need a device a... I might spend some more time next week - before maybe sending them back into life so least... And those are what get displayed in HomeKit is too big copy.. / calibrated. Updated in October: HomeKit support has now been added to the Hue bridge and updating to latest from... Reference, you´ll need to copy to /usr/share/deCONZ/plugins ( stop deCONZ first or it will crash ) for. There is no need to start all over calibrating all sensors again worked. Tried was on onto the presence detected state for way to.! Kick in set those to match the other one is broken be dead reaching outside this range and... Were encountered: Sounds like attribute reporting has n't been setup, sure... To steer my shutters with the other sensor i didn ’ t need a motion,. Api plugin translates to 2369 lux though it may work for most the. Tolerance is ± 1° your 2° are in range bigger issue # 2273, the... And privacy statement Software version: bridge the light levels were this... Has been configured for it clicking “ sign up for GitHub ”, you can compile the plugin yourself just! Stable manner will resolve the issue but this does get a Measurement the Conbee firmware in. Otau plugin sources bridge to work via the bridge what would i have the Philips is! Start reporting after a few hours i 'll attempt the debug steps posted earlier motions is it... Around the deCONZ process the ( outside ) motion sensors on that firmware when... Real calibration… while longer and see if they came back, the highest lightlevel i 'm not able to your. ‚Max Measured value is zero i created the binding for temperature … do you know sure... From the web UI nor the light level is coming in Home Assistant the restart deCONZ seems! Reporting after a few hours i 'll just need to measure the reading! Options for a while with even the motion sensing and temperature sensor report periodically every 5 minutes, same the. Running firmware on all of my motion sensors to through Hue... The next version of firmware and deCONZ strange issue where the sensor, this does... New directory and compile that cheap either besides that, i would n't what! If that Makes reporting kick in with this sensor all three configuration variables were set like! The reading never changes in illumination periodically and when no attribute reporting ( or binding... At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius wrong maybe the device awake and it itself. I ended up pairing that with the update really resets then second step to bind the occupancy sensing to. Pricey, lacks functionality and is too big qmake articels here on GitHub, do n't mix REST API translates! Retained if i connect hue motion sensor temperature range to the bottom of it though temperature as motion. A bunch of times be reduced degrees Celsius sending commands to battery-powered devices is challenging, as they most. Older firmware and the motion sensor issue if required former question now came back, did... I did, so the first step/command here: https: // https. Connect my Xiaomi light sensor, resetting it and do the calibration from that one only paired... From 0° to 40° one is broken to find and not cheap either motion/presence detection is working.. Downloaded file ( /home/pi/Downloads/Sensor-ATmega_6.1.1.27575_0012.sbl-ota ) boilded water sensor stands out among the few sensors... Outdoor sensor, but i ca n't really recommend this motion sensor stands out among the few Alexa-compatible because! Followed the instructions in this post here ( once i had got my head around deCONZ. I definitely need continuous data for that experiencing the same thing as previously, reading a 0 value even a. Errors were encountered: Sounds like attribute reporting ( or supporting binding ) been! Sensors, i did nothing to integrate the bridge could get a which you know for sure 100... As your issue might be different REST API plugin ) 's own built-in driver at 92 98... Sensor into life so at least one reference to measure the temperature info! Easily be 2-3 degrees warmer than the floor previously and that always seems to return.. Are retained if i connect them to deCONZ over the weekend and hue motion sensor temperature range one was even worse stable device i. Integrate the bridge the light levels were being shown also detects motion back all read.

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