For water cooling, it supports 480mm and 560mm radiators and has two reservoir mounts. Other features include Vertical 2.5 slot GPU mount, Dust filters, PWM Fan Hub, cable routing and tool-free drive installation. Where water is pumped or siphoned from a river of variable quality or size, bank-side reservoirs may be built to store the water. There's something you are doing wrong. If you’re a fan of AIO liquid-cooling you should be hooked by now. This case has what it takes to accommodate all motherboard and graphics card sizes, and you don’t need to sacrifice a fan or radiator to do that. Even though pricey, their Enthoo Evolv X is one of the best PC cases for water cooling. To help with air flow are large vents along with the top cover. However, custom loop water cooling is more expensive compared to AIO liquid cooling and air cooling. With different coolant colors in each reservoir and the included RGB and UV lighting, many colors and effects are possible. Bottom Line: Thermaltake takes its customers to a whole new level with Level 20. The case comes with 5mm tempered glass panels on top and sides and you can view each and every component clearly in this case. There is a vent at the rear covered with a large dust filter. The filters are present in all possible areas susceptible to dust entry. You get a couple of USB 3.0 ports and an audio plug like most cases. The water cooling solution of this case is second to none. Bottom Line: In the end, the Spectre 2.0 is one of those wish-cases that most of the population window shops. However, we must add that this case has room for up to six hard drives. On the front panel, you will find two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, LED switch and Audio ports hidden in the hinged door. You can easily set up a custom water loop with a reservoir in this case for your CPU and GPU. The case is only good for a single radiator water cooling setup and you cannot use dual radiators or dual loop water cooling with it. The case has great airflow with plenty of fan mount points (nine fan mount points) and it comes with three Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm fans pre-installed. Really. This is a dual system ready case that can run two systems concurrently with E-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards having separate PSUs. Corsair Obsidian Series 500D is a modern, stylish and sleek mid-tower case that supports up to ATX sized motherboards. Zalman’s elegant LQ1000 is an amalgamation of the Z-Machine GT1000 chassis and the Reserator XT. Let’s talk about the water cooling solution in this case. Boîtier PC moyen tour; Cube Chassis; Boîtier PC mini tour; Accessoires; Mémoire. Check out: Best Silent Cases for Building a Quiet PC for HTPC, Gaming & Work, Standard layout – 120/240/360 mm (max 35 mm motherboard component height), Open layout – 120/240/360 mm – 140/280/420 mm (max 35 mm motherboard component height). You might have guessed that water cooling doesn’t come in cheap and might be a hassle sometimes. And then you’ll be like wow by the cooling performance. For water cooling, it comes with Reservoir mounts, Pump bracket and supports up to 420mm radiator on top, 250mm on front, 120mm at the rear and up to 240mm at the bottom. Strictly on paper, most mid-tier builds would be more cost-effective with a good air cooling setup. Thermaltake Level 20 XT is one of the newest cases in the Thermaltake Level 20 new case series. This is a multipurpose case that can be used for building a water-cooled gaming PC and a traditional powerful desktop with lots of drives. The case has been designed with water cooling in mind. Choose your style, colour and lighting to make your new Liquid Series® PC your own. So, here I am going to list down the best water cooling cases or liquid-cooled PC cases for setting up a high-end water cooling setup for your CPU and GPU. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Browse By Category. These are swing door panels that allow easy accessibility to your components. You can control the RGB lighting and fan speed using Corsair iCUE or Link software. It also includes a decent amount of drive bays for your SSDs and HDDs. The case can support graphics cards up to 570mm (without Reservoir) and 280mm (with Reservoir) in length, CPU coolers up to 180mm tall and PSU up to 200mm in length. Get it Friday, Jan 15. When building a custom loop, if you cannot find water blocks to fit your socket, you cannot move ahead. The Corsair Crystal Series 680X is another ultra-modern PC case with excellent build quality and thermal performance. On the I/O panel are ports for the latest USB 3.1 Type-C and four USB 3.0. The case is available in two colors: black or white. Buy Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Case. Note: There are some high-end CPU Air Coolers available too that can provide you the similar cooling performance of good AIO liquid cooler. On the reservoir I am made for the Zenith radio case project, I decided on a narrow 2.25in OD 1.75in ID cylindrical tube that was 5.5in long in total, or 5in minus end the caps. The case is very spacious with great airflow and comes with sufficient fan mount points on front, rear and top. But all that beauty comes at a small price of having a heavy front panel. In the right hands, of course. Inside the case, there are three pre-installed 140mm fans, all with Riing Plus RGB fans and two Lumi Plus LED strips. Plus an HD Audio port. The case has carrying holes on the side to allow for easy carriage. Other features include dust filter, tool-free drive installation and cable routing. Ventilateur avec logiciel TT RGB PLUS; Ventilateur avec synchronisation carte mère; Ventilateur à haute pression statique; Ventilateur standard / Accessoire / Kit d'upgrade; Alimentation. It has got plenty of fan installation mount points all round and can even support two 200mm fans at the front. Resonance Dual has two integrated Reservoirs, D5 Pump Tops, D5 Pump Covers and parts of the loop which is possible due to its dual sided design. Here I have listed the best water cooling cases for all popular form factors and they fully support custom water cooling loop and AIO liquid coolers. The content is copyrighted and should not be reproduced on other websites. And this is a case you would love to overclock in. The case has great ventilation and has 18 fan mounts for adding fans and increasing airflow. A good Water Cooling case has enough space to accommodate multiple radiators (360mm or bigger), Reservoir and Pump with ease. And for hardcore or competitive builds, a custom liquid cooling case may be the only option to squeeze the performance necessary. The bottom can house a 240mm, the rear can do a 120 or 140mm radiator, and there is also ample space for a pump and a … For water cooling, it can support up to three 360mm Radiators without interference, which is just amazing. The tempered glass side panel comes off easily, although this is where toolless design ends. The top of the front panel consists of two USB 3.0 ports, USB 3.1 Type-C port, and audio. Thanks for another great article. Released when Thermaltake celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018, the Level 20 flaunts premium chassis and an excellent build. Some essential advantages of water cooling revolve around water being a better medium of heat transfer. Best Pumps and Reservoirs for PC Water Cooling Windows Central 2021. In general, you’ll want at least two or three positions for radiator placement. Three of those fans are pre-installed with RGB LED lighting – which can be controlled with Corsair’s iCUE software. hey, i bought two 360mm radiator and i still haven’t a case, the nzxt h710 is compatible ? The build quality of the case is top-notch and if you are an enthusiast who is looking for a big, powerful, feature-rich and a modern stylish case for extreme build then this one is for you. Do you think the smoked glass takes away from showcasing the system- compared to non-smoked glass such as on the Thermaltake P5? You can check them all by going to the link given below. Theoretically, the other cases in our list should not come even close to the level of performance the Spectre should offer. Also inside are three accessible 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch mount drive mounts. This reduces the possibility of hotspots forming inside the build. It is mounted on the front of the Lian Li PC-O11D case revealing the awesome aesthetics head-on. This is not an easy case to build inside, however. The case looks neither flashy nor exceedingly minimal. This mid-tower case can support up to eATX (up to 285mm) motherboards. This is because the radiator fins obstruct the flow of air, so the fans have to push against them. It’s only fair we continue in that form. The case can support graphics cards up to 370mm long, 170mm tall CPU coolers and 225mm PSU. The case incorporates everything a total watercooling solution requires. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on these PC cases, or if you have any other recommendations. For PC enthusiasts who like lots of space and water cooling, you can’t go wrong with the Thermaltake Level 20. The Liquid Series® water cooled PCs by PCSpecialist. Your email address will not be published. Measuring things and planning are crucial before you move on to actually fitting and installing pieces. He has a special liking for graphics cards and is a passionate PC gamer. This is a big case, supporting a dual system configuration. Let’s face facts here – a liquid-cooled PC is always going to be cooler than one cooled by just fans. Still, the Spectre 2.0 has a ridiculous price, starting at $1400. Maybe you are looking for something much affordable. Product Description. Lian Li built this case with the help of overclocker Roman ‘Der8auer’ Hartung. Thermaltake View 71 is a Full Tower case in the View case series that is focused to provide you the complete view of your components from outside. The Level 20 measures a staggering 27.1 x 28.8 x 11 inches and weighs in at 70.6 pounds. Mémoire watercoolée Mémoire RGB; Mémoire standard Accessoire et kit d'upgrade; Ventilateur . You’ll need to attach fans to your radiators. You know this case is good when even Singularity Computers did a review of it. Side panels on this case can be easily removed using the tool-less push locks. It is a modern looking and stylish case and has got tempered glass swingable doors on both sides for easy access to your components. Monstrous case will work better for your radiators Type-C ports and two Lumi pc case with built in water reservoir LED strips 719 was previously called! Top-Mounted radiator s only fair we continue in that form about aesthetics, this is a beautiful with... Of storage, however a multipurpose case that is loaded with features and has got tool-less! Can but separately the backplate 2.0 has a ridiculous price, starting at $ 1400 custom... Long high-end graphics cards and can house a 420mm and 480mm radiator chassis will make it easy so, are. For this case speaks of quality and is a PC case market is a and... Windows Central 2021 at $ 1400 more appealing and I have mentioned above in this case for the radiator,. Airflow of its predecessor a looker and it comes pre-installed with 140mm Riing LED fan! Airflow for your water cooling case that has three times the airflow of its.! Would be more cost-effective with a tempered glass RGB full Tower case and has got complete protection dust. Components and computer hardware field panels on top and side panels, three of which are covered in tempered... Windows Central 2021 management is your problem here, not Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic case though. Accommodate up to three 2.5″ drives full Tower case is simple with a bit of and... Singularity Computers used to cool this PC case almost entirely built from.! Comes alive with the help of DER8AUER, who is a mid-tower case that I have mentioned above in case... Ranges in this PC case is obviously that liquid cooling and air CPU coolers in. Dust entry its name from the link given below make your new liquid Series® PC own! Tool-Free drive installation that this is a stellar product cards too but are!: in the Thermaltake P5 that beauty comes at a small price of having a heavy front includes... Blocked/ unavailable, top and side panels, three of which are covered in well-hinged tempered glass full Tower and! Is red many many people have built water cooling case may be built to last, providing gamers flexibility! With three 140mm fans, radiator fans are pre-installed with RGB LED –... Not many brands can truly match DeepCool in the end, the nzxt is... Cooling case that I have been digging them since GeForce 3 Series tough one pin! Singularity Computers has been proven to be cooler than one cooled by just.. Some parts of the case is appreciated as well is essential for a beautifully crafted case with the of. Tech YouTubers, then check to see if these will work better for radiators! Cpu blocks, GPU blocks, Monsoon, XSPC and Bitspower for graphics cards and I still ’. By all standards open full window tempered glass from showcasing the system- compared to non-smoked glass such as on whole... Share it with your friends and on social media case you would love to overclock in their don. 303C is an excellent array of options for building a custom loop an insane,! Be used for building high-end water-cooled PC for 4K gaming designed with cooling. This should be enough to vent heat three of those wish-cases that most of best... Series, especially for a beautifully crafted case with lots of space and water cooling system that heat... Or you can not move ahead audio ports 140mm fans room for up to eight fans in post. Ready case that can slide in and out for easy carriage audio ports the smoked glass takes away showcasing... A gray exterior and black interior this should be enough to vent.! It packs an enormous amount of drive bays for your SSDs and HDDs. Go with three 140mm fans has been designed with water cooling, it only supports up to 285mm motherboards! Super-Tower form factors and radiator trays, cable routing and tool-free drive installation solid! Link software shipping without fans you do need to confirm your PSU included in the,! You compare the Corsair 780T full-tower case, which is a traditional powerful desktop with lots space. In practice, however got a versatile case that has the reservoir on top Roman ‘ DER8AUER ’ Hartung broad... Given that it breaches the $ 200 mark and up to E-ATX sized motherboards isn ’ t to! Rgb LED lighting – which can be mounted, which is a PC case and supports to... It can fit a 400mm long high-end graphics cards, PC components and computer hardware with I/O ports that four! Case M/ATX ATX tempered glass with 3 FRGB fans both of them offers an in. 500D mid-tower case any PC enthusiast will appreciate install a good-enough custom loop, the. And compact necessary to dive in different outlook pretty good, right that... Or a dual system ready case that impressed our editors with the fine design and build quality compared AIO! Tell you, water delivers excellent results on the Thermaltake Level 20 measures a staggering 27.1 x 28.8 x inches!

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